Xinjiang CAAC plans to invest 7.88 billion yuan in the airport project in 2022

2022-07-12 0 By

This year, Xinjiang Civil Aviation will further improve the airport network coverage, actively promote the promotion of comprehensive support capacity, accelerate infrastructure construction, the annual plan to complete the airport project investment of 7.88 billion yuan.This year, Xinjiang Civil Aviation will focus on speeding up the construction of the core area of the Silk Road Economic Belt and the construction of a civil aviation power, in accordance with the goal of “improving the inner ring of Xinjiang and the fast entry and exit of Xinjiang”, with the construction of the “four-type airport” as the direction, to speed up the construction of Urumqi international aviation hub.While speeding up the construction of regional airports, we should strengthen the effective connection between general aviation and other modes of transportation, complement and improve the “dry branch connect” short-distance transportation network throughout Xinjiang, and build and improve the “Air Silk Road”.We will actively develop “general aviation plus”, speed up the construction of general airports, and build a convenient and efficient general aviation tourism system.We will actively promote the development of aviation logistics, and strive to improve the comprehensive aviation support capacity and service level.Xinjiang Civil Aviation will accelerate the renovation and expansion of Urumqi Airport this year;Three airports — Zhaosu, Tashkurgan and Alar — have been put into operation.Construction began on three airports in Hejing, Zhundong and Balikun.The renovation and expansion projects of Kashgar and Tumushuk airports were completed and put into operation, and the renovation and expansion projects of Turpan Airport were carried out.Speed up the preliminary phase of the reconstruction and expansion projects of luntai, Hebuksel, Wusu and Qiemo airports and Karamay and Narati airports;We will accelerate the airworthiness renovation project of Hotan Airport.(MA Yining)