A female student with excellent grades at Xiamen University married India as a concubine, smearing China everywhere, but wanted to return to China for asylum after the epidemic

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Consistently high achievers are seen as educated, talented and literate, generally better educated and more likely to become better people.However, not all students with excellent academic performance can become successful, and not all educated people can make contributions to the society, and some highly educated members are even inferior to ordinary people.Such is the case with zheng Momo, a female student at Xiamen University with excellent grades. Although she is a top student, she did something that hurt people’s hearts and was spurned by netizens.Zheng Momo has been very good academic performance, is admitted to the double first-class university Xiamen University, her performance is also very good during the university, outstanding performance and also served as the school’s student union cadre.However, in an academic exchange event in 2008, Zheng was lucky enough to participate as a student representative of Xiamen University, and met an Indian student who influenced her life.The Indian student’s name is Raj.Singh, he is not very like other Indians, his family is one of the upper caste family of India.Although surnames have long been abolished in India, in many parts of the country people are still classified according to their surnames, so Singh enjoyed good living conditions from an early age because of his superior surname.This point from his speech performance can also be seen, he has a non-rich that expensive temperament, which deeply attracted the attention of Zheng Mo mo.Perhaps also because of zheng Mo mo’s family background conditions are not too good to lead to, so that she is full of expectations for the upper society, has been longing for their day to be able to marry into the rich.The appearance of Singh just realized her idea, and later after getting along with Singh, they became lovers.But for Zheng momo’s action, her parents are completely disapproving.But at this time, Zheng Momo was completely immersed in the beautiful love, ignoring her parents’ feelings and other problems, so she resolutely chose to marry Singer.But when she married Him, she learned that he had a legal wife in India, and because he was an upper caste, it was allowed in their religion to have multiple wives.This thought Zheng Mo mo in that Singer has a wife, will choose to leave, did not think the female students with excellent results in Xiamen university actually chose to accept, not only did not break off but also willing to make “concubine room”.She moved to India with her husband and changed her nationality and surname to her husband’s.Since her husband is a person who likes to smear China, she did not change her husband, but was influenced by him and started to smear China.Spreading rumors about China’s bad, but also all day to others brainwashed transmission to marry the benefits of India and so on, such a Chinese culture, with a very high degree of outstanding students, became the motherland’s largest “black powder leader”.The most annoying and ridiculous thing is that after the outbreak of the epidemic in India, Zheng Momo, who has been advocating that India is good and China is bad, began to have the idea of returning to China.She and her husband first went to the United States, which has good medical treatment, but she sent a letter to the Chinese embassy asking for help because the EPIDEMIC prevention and control in the United States is not good either.”I beg to be allowed to return to my country for asylum,” the letter read.However, although our country is very friendly to the Chinese compatriots, it was only after investigating her that she was found to have various misdeeds, and her nationality is no longer Chinese.To such a man, the state naturally refused his request.We may not know what she will become, but she has already done a lot to suggest that such a person deserves little pity.Patriotism is the concept that every country citizen should have, even if the primary school students know to love their motherland, and she can become like this, indicating that his thought has gone wrong.Parents in the education of their children, should also pay more attention to the education of patriotic spirit of students, students can not form the idea of worship foreign things, this is the best education for children.Some people regard her practice as a failure of parental education, which is indeed related to the education of the family of origin.If her parents can establish a correct outlook on life, values and money, she may not be easily attracted by other people’s family and social status, let alone the idea of marrying into a rich and powerful family.There’s nothing wrong with marrying rich, but the wrong thing is to marry rich at all costs.Not all families may be financially successful, but there are plenty of parents who raise better children.So parents of children’s education must not be ignored, should always pay attention to their education, but also pay more attention to the children’s inner thoughts, listen to communication, I believe that more can cultivate excellent patriotic youth.Today’s discussion: what do you think of zheng Momo’s case?Feel free to discuss it in the comments section.