Athletes from all over the world have been conquered by Chinese food, and have started to turn to “eating and broadcasting” crazily

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Beijing Olympic events are hot on tense competition of many foreign players to focus on the “immersive” experience the games village cuisine to share to each social platform thumb up China’s thoughtful and considerate service with dumplings, wet skin of tofu, malatang and other traditional Chinese food frequently appear countless a dumpling powder a mouthful of bread cool finish one dish and then brought the Olympics open in BeijingAmerican snowboarder Tessa Moder, who was moved to tears by volunteers on the screen, turned herself into a “eat Bo” blogger who frequently posted several Chinese delicacies such as Kung Pao chicken, sweet and sour pork dumplings, Mapo tofu and Dan Dan noodles in the Winter Olympics Village.”I’ve tried sweet and sour pork, dumplings, mapo tofu and Dan Dan noodles. What else do you recommend?”Netizens generous directions spared no effort to recommend the Chinese food “eat hot pot!It’s every Chinese’s favorite!””Did you eat xiao long bao?I love xiaolongbao!””I love the Onions, peanuts, peppers and chicken. It’s so good!”She also praised the sweet and delicious snacks of jiangmi sticks in the Winter Olympic Village, and directly recorded her appearance when eating with the camera:First to a dumplings again bite scallion pancakes occasionally meet smile nodded to express the love for Chinese cuisine have a special liking to Chinese foreign athletes have a “wet skin of tofu” the little sister I love to eat wet skin of tofu eat three meals a day on February 9, snowboarding woman U site skills Malta in the qualifying only athletes when Janice, skin would waiting for results from the bag took out half of eatingLeft to wet skin of tofu on the lens carefully finished this scene has many call “cute,” she said of the red bean paste dumplings is her favorite food in the games village 6 poor appetite in the morning every day to eat on the performance such as found in backpacks wet skin of tofu decided to cure yourself give yourself a little sweet “too nervous to eat in the morning now finished action finally can eat” netizens have beenThe “bean bag little sister” impressed “cute girl!””Hard effort that you’ve had a very good” gourmet millions love alone “malatang”, 23, jutta lisle Dan is a speed skater from the Netherlands by the variety of food she chose to have more “Chinese flavor” malatang ate with relish attracted the attention of many a netizen message “that what is food?”Afterwards, many netizens who are familiar with China answered “Malatang, a famous Chinese snack”, “It is healthier than French fries and hamburgers” and many foreign netizens were called by malatang circle fans after watching the video “I love it so much, healthy food must be delicious!”I ate about “200” dumplings on February 7th has just won the games snowboarding woman slope obstacle skills competition runner-up in the United States, Julia marino, in an interview with NBC news about their favorite food is dumplings in the games village marino told NBC (video capture) “(village) since he came here I probably ate 200 dumplingsSon I come back from the mountains, a training will go to eat dumplings “marino also mentioned at the end of the training and competition she can listen to music, dancing and singing with my friends to spend leisure time a day to eat more than 100 kg more than 80 duck it is reported that China’s dumplings and roast duck in the games village especially popular peak day can eat dumplings for lunch time consumes more than 100 kg 80A American athletes more than duck said check-in on the first day go to taste the delicious roast duck said the Russian Olympic committee delegation also dumpling is particularly favored food from Norway, Philip fe yell DE Anderson also Shared his video clock in food in the Olympic village, he said: “all the food and drink are free to leave here about fat 10 pounds!”Italian contestants also said: “The food is great!”Since the athletes in the games village since all kinds of food have conquered countries according to the Beijing games organising committee has issued the Beijing 2022 Olympic athletes menu shows the games village restaurant offers dishes with a total of 678 from around the world set up 12 kinds of counter it adhere to the “for the center with the athletes” for the delegation to provide high quality food security 24 hours serviceAnd every dish beside the specially made a card dishes, ingredients and raw material energy needed to facilitate athletes calculation for Chinese New Year also prepared dumpling roast duck and other qualified Chinese specialty dishes with Chinese characteristics including the west lake beef soup, moo shu pork, sauce bao combined with Chinese cuisine themes revealed in the Chinese diet culture between east and west, south and north the richness and diversity of sichuan cuisine and cantonese cuisine, Shandong cuisine, Hunan cuisine…From breakfast to snack food series set up all over the world not only to meet the different tastes, different religious specific dietary needs more let athletes to fully experience the Chinese enthusiasm and hospitality of the Chinese food and culture charm again gathered the world editor 丨 Hou Shubing proofreading 丨 GeQi school whose 丨 Gu Wencheng duty editor 丨 Liu Fei light “in”,Athletes from all over the world are conquered by Chinese food!