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All say that the dedication of four adults is too strong to what degree?Posting offer and salary slip on the little red book is no longer enough to reflect the decent competition of the four adults.The first time I felt the sense of ceremony and honor as a four-adult was when I received the gift bag from the couple on my first day on the job.So what does the bridal bag that brings this experience look like?Today we’re going to talk more about it.”Deloitte, all I want to have right now is the Same Deloitte bridal bag. It’s aesthetically perfect. Everything in it is the same, and everything is black, so it’s not awkward to use it outside of work.According to the gift package posted by an A1 Level partner of Deloitte, there are hats, card bags, storage bags, drinking cups and environmental bags, etc.The most popular item is deloitte’s exclusive hat and shopping bag.In addition to regular office supplies, other partners received fans and UV umbrellas. Deloitte can be said to be considerate to employees in all aspects.Another partner from Deloitte Melbourne office has posted another version of the new couple’s gift bag, which includes two glasses that are as good as the Star Dad brand and hand sanitizer for staff.The most elegant newcomer gift bag is the PwC, carrying a ‘PwC Red’ shopping bag that can tell you are a PwC baby from five metres away.According to a PwC partner in Guangzhou, PwC’s bridal bag looks very stocky, wrapped in a large white gift box.Open it, boy!Found the gift box stuffed to the brim, more than one layer.The first layer is 2 sets of PwC employee exclusive card covers and a multi-interface data line.The second layer is mugs, stationery case (3 pens, calculator, ruler) and a set of computer screen cleaner.They look great, don’t they, but they’re nothing compared to PwC’s overseas office packages. Take a look at the new packages at PwC London office.As well as the usual laptop, mouse, glass and Bluetooth headsets, PwC has taken tea bags and plants into account for newcomers.”KPMG blue Knight takes a simple and practical approach to the orientation package for new hires. It’s packed with regular office supplies such as a notebook, water bottle and card bag.However, according to KPMG partners in, the gift packages received by new employees recently seem to have been upgraded to a full set.Of all the items in the bag, the most eye-catching is the windproof jacket, which carries out KPMG’s crisp blue more thoroughly.Wait, it’s just this jacket looks familiar. I remember it!”Ernst & Young, low-key and meaningful Among all the bridal packages, ernst & Young is the most modest, but I don’t want to complete those empty heads, an EY brooch will stretch the row of ernst & Young people to the full space.Let’s look at the package prepared by Ernst & Young overseas, which can be called the four most luxurious, in addition to the conventional office supplies, masks, travel bags and computer bags are also all arranged for the staff.In fact, in addition to the WLB, working conditions, and welfare benefits of the big four attracting a lot of attention, the big four are also quietly making many “big moves” recently.Since Facebook changed its name to Meta and officially opened the prologue to the metasomes, the term metasomes have rapidly spread and become a popular concept.The first official announcement of PwC, which has always been at the forefront of fashion, is that it is now time to officially enter the meta-universe!Pricewaterhousecoopers Hong Kong has purchased a piece of LAND in The Sandbox, Animoca Brands subsidiary The Sandbox has announced.The Sandbox is a metacosmic world where users can create and monetize unique worlds and play on LAND, which stands for virtual digital real estate.William Gee, a partner at PWC In Hong Kong, said joining Sandbox would “create new business models and value” for the company.Don’t assume that the big Four are always prim, but PWC has always been one of the pioneers of the trend. PWC Hong Kong, for example, has been dabbling in blockchain technology and virtual currencies for some time.Back in November 2017, PWC Hong Kong said it accepted Bitcoin as a payment method for its consulting services.Deloitte: I am now packing my bags and entering the meta Universe. Deloitte is the second firm to join the meta Universe.Deloitte’s Dimension10 Studio will launch Unlimited Reality, a new business that uses artificial intelligence and other technologies to help customers create engaging virtual worlds.According to deloitte, the Dimension10 Studio meta-universe will feature cutting-edge technologies such as AR/VR, blockchain, 5G and more.So it seems that the big four are very ambitious indeed, in addition to dabble in the “meta-universe” and other cutting-edge technology, expansion, pay, expansion, which have declined.Three of the big four companies have recently announced plans to expand hiring.Pricewaterhousecoopers official announcement: in the next five years to invest 8 billion, create 20,000 jobs in greater China!The expansion is mainly focused on emerging fields ranging from ESG (Environment, Society and Governance) to digitization.KPMG also said it would hire 7, 000 more people in greater China, mainly in its audit and advisory business.Ernst & Young recently said it would spend $2.5 billion to focus on artificial intelligence and other high-tech technologies.E&y will continue to expand its strategic consulting and sustainability services, and continue to bring in technology and data talent.In addition to the expansion of the heavy news, four in recent days and double 叒 exposure pay plan.Whenever there’s news, it’s about a raise?We have written about the four big salary increases many times in the last year, but what we did not expect was that the four big salary increases were never turned over, never finished.An internal deloitte email revealing the company’s plans for a new round of salary increases was recently posted on Reddit by an employee.The increase is scheduled to take effect from December 2021, with a further increase scheduled for June 2022, according to an email sent by deloitte’s CEO to staff.The increase will not only affect audit and tax departments, but also staff in other departments.The lucky folks at Deloitte took to Reddit to reveal just how big the pay rise was.Domestic friends also don’t worry about sour, pay rise this kind of thing of course everyone has a share.At the end of November, Deloitte China raised the base salary for entry level employees in management consulting from 13,000 yuan to 16,000 yuan, its third salary increase this year.Lao so much, here it is necessary to show the WST students of the four major firms.In the 2022 job search season, many successful WST students received full-time Offers from the Big Four.Rumor has it that the big Four’s acceptance rate is only 6 percent, which means 94 out of every 100 applicants end up as cannon fodder.If you want to land successfully, you should not only have the ability, but also know how to seize the opportunity.The big four currently have applications open at offices around the world.For example, Deloitte currently has many open positions in the US, including audit, tax, Consulting and other positions for Summer internships or full-time ↓, while PwC can still apply for the 2023 Management Consulting Summer Intern.KPMG China still has the opportunity to apply for the 2022 winter internship. The application window is still open to students who will graduate before May 2022. However, the application window may close at any time.Ernst & Young’s 2023 winter and summer internships in the U.S. are now open for application, targeting sophomores.It is worth noting that when applying for the four major full-time positions, the recruitment JD usually requires that students have had internship experience in the four major positions. Therefore, students must start their job hunting planning as early as possible in their freshman and sophomore years and do more internships!Only in this way can we lock in the four transferable offers first.WST Career Offers list Official website: WST Career website Open the website and click on “Offers” to view every Offer offered by a candidate