Go to the grassroots in the Spring Festival to ensure the smooth opening of the subway in the best condition

2022-07-13 0 By

Tang Jianjun reporter Wang Rongqi during the Spring Festival, dalian metro Line 5 railway station construction enclosure door crane operation, excavators turn slag to prepare for the transport of muck.In the duty room, MAO Zhixin, the person in charge of the site, is still looking at the drawings to study the geological situation and thinking about the construction arrangement. “We have to consider each link of the site carefully and comprehensively to ensure the orderly progress and safe control.”Twenty meters underground, the winding tunnels are humid and sultry.Du Xueyang, 22, a battery car driver, was waiting for the dirt truck.This guy from Henan Anyang has been engaged in this work for more than 3 years “, this year’s New Year I can not go home, work in the unit in peace.”In the operation room of the shield machine, the driver, Yang Tingmao, is concentrating on the button.Under the double rail beam, mechanic Wu Zengli is hanging hooks for lifting transfer segments.”I can’t afford to delay the construction period, so I won’t go back for the New Year and work hard at the construction site.”Wu zengli said.This team mainly comes from northwest China with an average age of 36 years old. During the Spring Festival, nearly 80 people stick to their posts and work hard to ensure that the shield tunneling on the left and right lines moves forward at a speed of 14.4 meters per day, and sprint to the completion of the last shield tunneling section on line 5 in advance.After the completion of Dalian metro Line 5, it will form a north-south urban fast passage, and build a new pattern of coastal cities with “one bay and two banks”.At present, 62% of the total tasks have been completed in this area.”We will be in the best shape to ensure the smooth opening of Line 5 by the end of this year!”Zhang Yubao, head of the shield construction team of Dalian Metro Line 5, said confidently.