Low-carbon Olympic Games

2022-07-13 0 By

Micro flame torch February 4 winter Olympics opening ceremony held in Beijing, beautiful, simple, atmospheric.Believe that many people are looking forward to a grand, traditional ignition ceremony, the result is expected, the two Beijing Olympic contestants di ni and Zhao Jiawen, two people to stay in the heart of the big snow the torch, the final torchbearer of the Olympic fire burning in the center of the big snow, it is a breakthrough tradition, the unique design, the ignition mode made history.There were no roaring flames, no exciting lighting ceremonies like hanging wiya and archery, everything was so low-key and unexpected.Less burned a lot of gas no matter what material fuel, the original kind of big torch, have to continue burning for more than a month, must consume a lot of fuel – a lot of money, but also a waste of energy.What’s even cuter is that the micro torch design, which Was designed by Zhang Yimou two years ago, addresses the dual carbon initiative head-on, meaningfully and practically reducing carbon emissions.In this respect, the Winter Olympics have definitely outdone the recent Spring Festival gala — they didn’t show anything.It is a consensus that carbon reduction is not easy to reduce carbon emissions, but there is no consensus on the steps to achieve it.The first thing to do is to establish a low carbon awareness, only when the national mind has the awareness of reducing carbon emissions, can we have the opportunity to accept that the standard must be lowered, only then can we find innovative ways to reduce carbon emissions.The second is path selection, first in their own production links to reduce carbon emissions, such as less use of high-carbon materials, processes and so on;Then select the pre-order supplier of low carbon standard and require the pre-order work to be low carbon.It is not easy to reduce carbon emissions. It is not easy to simply economize. It requires more innovation.