Young man lone lone desert island survival, who knows crab for the pursuit of dreams, pray to stew their sea salt crab

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Kaka variety said that the boy alone challenges the desert island to survive, honey sashimi greedy cry present fish compatriots, tired of eating and then with a coconut shell fish soup, that fresh even fish drop mother can not help but taste a few, even crabs are desperately holding the boy’s hand, begging to make themselves into sea salt stew crab.Guy came to the seaside beach early in the morning, we want to look for any processing of seafood ingredients, but the beach, went to a lot of wood, and all of the above write 860 symbols, may be some maritime transport goods, ships met a big waves and had to abandon ship, if you can,Boys also want to feel the excitement of a shipwreck, maybe even meet their own meat.Guy will use of waste materials are collected, and all and all, can use the nails down, all the rest of the board back to the villa, directly with the saw cut in the middle, and the guy took a long time is also not tired, I decided to go to the beach combing luck, come up to found a young man ran aground jellyfish, jellyfish, it can be used to doNearby, there are many anemones like zhaotianjiao, which can be seen everywhere when the tide ebbs.But something more guy did not look at, young man run out sucking all energy to move the stone, there is a sleeping just below a crab, but a crab for guy hasn’t enough for all, so what also don’t grasp, designed to catch behind the stone beneath the delicious crab, island, after all, if even a decent seafood dinner to eat less than,That is sorry to survive these two words, as long as it is able to eat, the boy hands press is a crazy friction on the ground.Thought that guy was a man of actions, in order to release a crab, the crab pot all end up, then, the place where the collected before papaya whole several papaya breast enhancement of a lot more, young man returned to his villa, all to catch crabs into the pot boiled on first, again some more chopping firewood with an axe, after a long wait, apply the crab cooked polished,Red looks quite have appetite, guy put all crabs in your job, don’t forget to give yourself some small secret sauce, estimates that guy is no one under the cover of darkness, secretly bought a bit of the island back, although this crab bite to eat, but just to watch has felt the full aroma, it is a seafood buffet.Crabs tired of eating can also be tied with papaya, it is the life of the gods.Guy to hurry up to perfect his villa, ran to the beach early in the morning, began to collect the waves rushed up to board, for men, these boards that really can not make good material, if these nails with board do not have what problem, also can make a bed for yourself today, then the guy at the beach and found some cuttlebone, with a just belch fart cuttlefish,Nearby also found a large number of colorful buckets, and a string of do not know what to use the Buddha beads, but the boy did not tube so much, all packed home, can be made into a very good container.Guy is a pick up a few hours, this amazing talent, not doing garbage collector is bad, then the guy and picked a lot of fairy fruit to supplement energy, the taste of happiness, can circle around the earth around dozens of meters, guy after supplement physical strength, carrying all of his goods, arrived at her lakeside villa through layer upon layer and obstacles,Guy to go back to home haven’t sat down to rest, and came to the seaside began collecting cuttlefish juice, to the future and a drink of water, and the inside of the cuttlebone can also be used to feed the birds, arguably the cuttlefish body is full of treasure, guy after cuttlefish drains, was going to use to pick up material to produce a door, the so-called lonely at the top,That guy this geographical location that is really lonely, every night that small wind hanging, can directly send the guy directly away.Guy on the wooden door installation, after going to the other side of the triangle area, a window on the whole, a push to see the sunrise, a closed can safely go to, is a small dream house, guy pulled out today just pick up plastic bottles, sacrificed their capability to learn from their elders life, arrest the wood is a crazy output, that to the young man tired,Holding a plastic bottle direct oxygen, then the boy with a knife to the bottle top with the bottom cut off, and then a knife from the middle cut, just as a piece of glass, the boy found a banana, it is estimated that now only it can match the temperament of the boy.Guy that work is also very meticulous, different meeting time a seven layer cake was born, deserve to go up again a few cactus fruit as accessories, guy after eating the cake, then going to bed and made the window today, because tomorrow to a pair of small couples, in order to can three people a better life, said what all to bed is big and strong.Guy on the beach after collected some materials, picked up the saw is a clean on board, when guy to collect materials, also found a lot of grounding of jellyfish, appearance seems particularly jelly, then the guy at the seaside found a few withered branches, back to the seascape villa, used to make his bed pillar, pillar after been buried, guy just put all the nails were drawn on the board,I plan to use it again.Just a few short hours, guy finally completed his bed, lay the eye a closed completely don’t want to open again, then the young man planned to use the rest of the wood, the window is created, and there is no way to flatten due to plastic bottles, guy is going to use first made of wood instead of up, before the window just right,Then the guy took his old fishing trap and used jellyfish as bait to try to see if there was any harvest. Because the guy had been busy all day and didn’t have time to hunt, he had to temporarily use cactus fruit to top it up.Because these days the guy has been accelerating the progress of building a villa, even his beloved mobile phone is also buried here, in order to continue filming, but only under the island to repair mobile phone, casually bring their long-awaited lovers, the future on the island, will be with them.Early in the morning early in the morning, guy with a small lovers walk to the beach, the jellyfish here it’s still so much, basic the beach everywhere, guy looking for a moment in this piece, the small ditch found here are all the fish, so the guy is going to use bamboo to make a harpoon, guy on the way back, has collected some coconut, going to preparation for the winter time,Guy after all the coconut back, then picked up a bamboo pole, direct split down the middle, with a knife with a fixed rope, guy will be front of bamboo sharpening, picked up a spear was headed to the beach, the guy in order to give full play to the role of the harpoon, can even use hand to pick it up and it will take the fishing rod is doing, guy got a few hours later, in the water also found a puffer,Even the boy’s dog is scared of him.Man returned to his villa, really can not stand the temptation of the coconut, picked up the knife and cut down a word in the sea first for worship, guy just like the cool and refreshing sweet coconut milk, plans to harvest today seafood, stewed in coconut milk to give it all up, guy to cut fish into the pot, after a long wait,Fish soup can be stewed, the boy took out a good sauce in advance, picked up a piece of fish with chopsticks, the boy has not been sent into his mouth, my saliva has flowed out of the first, then look at the coconut soup stew, that call a delicious, and what kind of adventure will follow, let’s wait and see.