A sudden!Add 7 positive!China basketball Association emergency suspension: suspension of return!Heart ah!

2022-07-14 0 By

In recent days, the epidemic has repeatedly occurred in various places in China, with multiple cases reported from time to time, and the outbreak in Hong Kong is beyond our imagination.On the evening of February 17, there was a worrying news in China. The Chinese Basketball Association announced that 7 new Chinese women’s basketball players had been tested positive in a new round of nucleic acid tests.This is the second time that all of the 26 women’s basketball team members have tested positive, so there are 9 positive cases in total.Home matters of the Chinese basketball association also called for a women’s basketball team, currently is under a state of isolation of the whole, at the same time for the first time to inform the embassy in Serbia, hasspecially opened the green channel according to the need in the hospital, Beijing youan hospital and also forming a team of seven experts, remote diagnosis and guiding and consulting service for the Chinese women’s basketball team.After all, the epidemic situation abroad is not as stable as that in China, and the epidemic policies and medical services are different, so I still hope that the Chinese women’s basketball girls can hold on.The Chinese women’s Basketball team entered the 2022 FIBA Women’s Basketball World Cup qualifying match in Belgrade, Serbia, winning all three games.After the Chinese women’s football team won the Asian Cup, the news that the women’s basketball team qualified for the World Cup was also exciting and exciting. They showed the spirit of the sonorous red rose again. However, this sudden accident was the last difficult task before they returned home.So how did the Chinese girls get infected?Chinese girls have participated in many foreign competitions before, such as the Preliminary Olympic Games, Tokyo Olympics and women’s Basketball Asian Cup, so they must have taken adequate preventive measures outside the court, but not on the court, so it is more likely to be infected during the competition.So when will the Chinese girls go home?Before actually such circumstance also happened in Beijing guoan body.In June last year, 34 members of Beijing Guoan were quarantined in Uzbekistan after the team tested positive for several players before returning home from their Asian Champions League group match.The 34 members returned to China in batches from August until November 22, and they spent more than five months and 158 days abroad from the time they were found to be positive to the time they returned.According to domestic quarantine requirements, only those with negative nucleic acid certificates for 48 hours can board the plane and return to China.As positive patients need to test negative for nucleic acid three times in a row to be quarantined, the women’s basketball team will have to stay abroad for at least half a month.If other circumstances are added, then more than a month of time is indispensable.Although the epidemic is raging, there are always more ways than difficulties. The “big family” in China is always the strong backing of the girls. We are waiting for your safe return!