Appearance level and strength coexist, top with 128,000, zero hundred acceleration 8.2 seconds, detailed explanation gaC Trumpchi shadow leopard

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I don’t know when sports cars have become popular among young people.However, sports cars that can integrate the appearance level and performance and meet the needs of young people at a reasonable price are rare.Fortunately, with the continuous rise of independent brands, there are more and more models with low threshold and good appearance and performance, which have won the recognition of the majority of young people.The Shadow Leopard from GAC Trumpchi is one of them. The price of this car is 983 to 128,000 yuan, which also has a certain advantage. So what is the strength of this car?Today, let’s take its top matching model, 2021 270T Shadow Leopard J16 version as an example to interpret it in detail: First, let’s take a look at the appearance level, the front face part, the design of shadow Leopard is based on the fighter plane, the large size of the air intake grille and internal filling are quite exaggerated, the visual impact is very strong.The polygonal elements on both sides of the air intake grille are square air intakes from fighter jets, which, combined with a series of surface designs, are very recognizable.In the headlamp area, shadow Leopard uses the headlamp with full LED light source. The lamp body shape is a bit like the style of leopard claw, which has a certain fashion sense.The contour line of the edge of the headlamp is sharp, which is more radical with the longitudinal light belt inside the headlamp.Body side, shadow Leopard body length and width up to 4700x1850x1432 (mm), wheelbase is 2736mm, the parameters are in the same level.Design, it by reducing the height of the front suspension and vehicle, the overall creation of a low lay down the visual effect, coupled with the car waist line is sharp, so the vehicle’s sports temperament has been strengthened.In the tire area, shadow Leopard is equipped with 225/45 R18 tires front and rear.Wheel shape although more sports, but its main tire is quiet and comfortable, with its sports attributes obviously some do not match, but if it is just daily household words or enough.Tail part, the duck tail that rises slightly, bilateral altogether 4 sports exhaust, and exaggerated hind encircle set, it is the design that absorbs eyeball quite, promoted sports temperament greatly.This approach is attractive to young people, but may not be so attractive to consumers with household needs.Compared with the radical and athletic appearance, the interior of shadow Leopard appears to be a little concise.The symmetrical shape is neat and easy to look at. After matching with the air conditioning outlet, the visual width of the car is further enhanced.In terms of materials, the car can be seen throughout the bright carbon fiber texture panels, with local use of leather material, it looks very classy.The shape of the steering wheel is very small, using a sports flat bottom design.Interestingly, yellow stripes are used on the top of the steering wheel and indicate the position, which looks quite “fighting”.In the center control and instrument area, Shadow Leopard uses the popular dual-screen design, the size of the center control screen and instrument panel is 10.25 inches, the display effect is not bad, the built-in functions are also relatively rich, including voice recognition control system, Autonavi navigation, QQ music and a series of functions, the performance of the standard.The seat part, shadow leopard used the imitation leather material package, the modelling design of the seat is full, the yellow stitching at the edge has played a very good ornament.In terms of functions, the main passenger seat of The Shadow Leopard supports electric adjustment and has a heating function.In addition, the driver’s seat has an electric seat memory function, which is good.In terms of riding space, a 173cm tall experiencer had only one punch left in his head after riding in the main driver’s seat.Transfer to the back seat, head space is relatively tight, only three fingers left space, legs are left two more fists.Apparently, although the appearance creates a low enough posture, the rear headroom is sacrificed, depending on personal needs.In terms of carrying space, the volume of the back compartment of Shadow Leopard is normal and the overall shape is orderly. It can smoothly put down three boxes of 20 inches, 24 inches and 28 inches under normal state.In addition, the second row of seats can be scaled down to increase storage capacity.In terms of power, the Shadow Leopard is powered by a 1.5-ton engine with a maximum power of 130kW and maximum torque of 270N·m, and is matched with a 7-shift wet dual clutch transmission.According to the actual test of Understand car emperor, under the drive of this engine, the vehicle’s 0-100km/h acceleration time is 8.2 seconds, the measured fuel consumption is 7.65L/100km, it can be seen that its performance is in line with the identity of a sports car.In general, GAC Trumpchi Leopard can be said to be a model with both appearance level and strength. Dynamic modeling design and impressive power output are its advantages. Young people who have requirements for appearance level and power will be attracted by it.However, it is precisely because the appearance design of Shadow Leopard is more radical, it is doomed that the car can not fit the aesthetic of more people like Xuan Yi and Lang Yi, so the current sales volume of the car can only hover around 10,000 units.So what do you guys think about shadow leopards?