Is Lau Hao-chun in the movies?The same “mou girl”, Liu Haocun and Zhou Dongyu end up completely different

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Is Lau Hao-chun in the movies?The same “mou girl”, Liu Haocun and Zhou Dongyu’s fate is completely different.Also mou girl, why only Liu Haocun boycott?The movie “The Four Seas” has liu Haoran, Shen Teng and many other a-list stars to join, just rely on their fame, the film should not be bad where to go, but people are surprised that the film has just released the word of mouth has been poor to the extreme.Many netizens who have not seen the situation have played a one point bad review, the reason is not because of the drama’s plot, but because of the lead actress Liu Haocun.Liu Haocun through in zhang yimou’s film, jumped into a circle of first-line niche, as she seeks the girl originally should be a bright future, but she is not only bring trouble his mentor, also harm Shen Teng during the Spring Festival for his movie Ming gravamen, zhang yimou after winter Olympics opening ceremony, many people are owed him a movie ticket,But when see Liu Haocun these three words when everyone chose to collective silence.Since the debut of Liu Haocun has been back full of black material, especially the parents are state public W personnel, but not only in the outside privately run cram school, but also hurt a girl lifelong disability, refused to compensate, until things were made after intimidating each other to give their response,Such practices let Liu Haocun in the circle of the performing arts road also encountered some trouble.This thought can rely on their own girl name pressure under these things, but now Liu Haocun was “The four Seas” box office hit unprepared.In fact, zhang Yimou’s selection is not the first time to attract controversy. When he chose Zhou Dongyu to star in his new work, many people teased zhou Dongyu for her unattractive appearance. Is it related to him?However, zhou Dongyu has responded to the doubts of the outside world with her own efforts, and has become a deserved movie queen.And now Liu Haocun is directly sitting the relationship household this name, and even some people feel that Zhang Yimou because liu Haocun direct evening section not protect.Many netizens think Liu Haocun and zhou’s end is completely different, because zhou at least acting, very hard, and no special black material, more Liu Haocun is black material, full don’t pay attention to your words and deeds, also have a net friend think both of them was a little girl, there is no need to affected by so many, the family things should not be involved in them.Why do you think liu Haocun and Zhou Dongyu’s fate is so different?