National football team tonight’s biggest harvest: Dai Weijun play Japan after the first Asian grade pass steal the spotlight!

2022-07-14 0 By

Li Xiaopeng’s team lost 2-0 on the road tonight, leaving China’s hopes of advancing to the round of 12 almost nil.And in this game, the National football team is completely passive on the field, and the strength of the Japanese team reflected incisively and vividly.However, the only promising aspect of The Chinese team was the emergence of young players, especially dai Weijun, who made his national football debut and delivered a world-class pass after a passing pass in the final moments of the game.Dai Weijun was previously described by Lippi assistant Madaloni as the core of the midfield in the next 10 years, now, he completed the relevant procedures, the first time into li Xiaopeng’s national team roster, and he also welcomed his debut in tonight’s match with Japan.The 64th minute of the game, the National football team in the situation of 0 to 2 down again to make substitution adjustment, Li Xiaopeng with Dai Weijun replaced the veteran Zheng Zheng, used to strengthen the midfield pass control organization, the popular new star was entrusted with the responsibility!Since then in the game, the national football team in front of the attack did have a very big improvement, and Dai Weijun in the front of the role also gradually highlighted.In the 84th minute, WeiShiHao up front on the left to cooperate with the team, then a breakthrough in 1 to 1, but the Japanese players after completion, steals Dai Weijun seem to be more positive, turned out for the first time, and cover the ball before the opponent tackles and caused opponents foul tackle, as the team’s win a place in the great free kick!As xu Xin, Wei Shihao and other players occupy the right to take free kicks, Dai Weijun, who is prominent in the Chinese Super League’s free kicks, has no chance to take set kicks in the Chinese national team.However, Dai Weijun or with their own positive running and forward penetration to create opportunities.In the 85th minute of the game, Dai went to the right side of the front court again, and in the process of cooperating with his teammates, he still managed to make a long throw-in in front of three Japanese defenders.Dai’s highlight of the game came in stoppage time, when he picked up the ball in the centre circle and made a brilliant stop to fool Japan international Daisaru Maeda. He then sent a wide transfer with a pinpoint long pass to find unmarked teammate Deng Hanwen.Dai Weijun’s passing demonstrated his delicate foot skills and outstanding vision of passing, which is the type of player most lacking in China’s national football team.Have to say, Dai Weijun is the biggest surprise of the national football team tonight!(Lao Chiu Super League Football review)