Short track mixed team 2000 meter first gold medal, we embody team and persistence

2022-07-14 0 By

To win a gold medal on the first day of the Winter Olympics in short track speed skating, which is our best sport, all of us can breathe a sigh of relief.The Chinese short track speed skating team is the first team to win this event, which will be written in the history of the Winter Olympics.Although short-track speed skating is our dominant event, we also face strong competition from The Olympic teams of Korea, Hungary, Italy, the United States and Russia.Evening quarterfinal, semi-final, final three shots in succession, which is a huge test for all the players in terms of physical strength, like the absolute main force Wu Dajing, personal 1000m preliminaries to the evening of the mixed group 2000 m final, he even ran 4 shots!In the quarter-final, we showed a lot of strength, and we won the semi-finals without a fight.The most difficult is the semifinal, After the Chinese team was fouled, blocked is the third team across the finish line, but the referee’s eyes are bright!Powerful opponents the United States, Russia Olympic team was deprived of results due to foul.The Chinese team escaped death and advanced to the final.At this time, I felt that the opportunity came, after all, there is a blessing after death, phoenix nirvana is also born from ashes.I believe that after the jitters in the semi-final, in the final we have a chance to win the title.In the final, we started on the outside lane, which is the worst starting position for short track speed skating, and we passed it three times in the race.The first time, the start, Fan Kexin started to surpass an opponent, ranked in the third, in a relatively favorable position;The second time, Qu Chunyu, took advantage of a Canadian player’s negligence, she struggled to the second place;For the third time, Ren ziwei, he and Qu Chunyu took advantage of a small mistake in the leading Italian team’s baton exchange to quickly squeeze into first place.From then on, the Chinese team firmly held the first position and was never surpassed, thus winning a hot gold medal.Here in addition to praise the four athletes in the final, in fact, zhang Yuting in the semi-final also made an indelible contribution, her appearance in the semi-final let Fan Kexin reserved physical strength for the final, which is also the key to the Chinese team can open a gap in the final.It was a victory for the team, but also a victory for perseverance, which would not have been possible without perseverance in the semi-final!