The Khitans are as hard as iron, and their descendants have actually been around us for thousands of years

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Speaking of the Khitan, we will remember the story of the Great Song and The Great Liao in the Eight Tienlongbu. Many people should know that the Khitan started from that time, because Xiao Feng was a Khitan and later he was also the King of the Southern Yuan of the Liao.The king of Liao was Yelu Abaoji, who led the Liao to become rich and powerful. Finally, he declared himself emperor and established a dynasty founded by nomads in the north. This dynasty adopted the Chi-Han division and later boldly adopted the Han people to make the country stronger and stronger.In fact, the origin of the Khitan clan is really a romantic story like a novel. It is said that a fairy in the Long Palace of Heaven wanted to go out for a trip one day, but she met a “prince charming” in the flat forest and fell in love with a heavenly daughter without exception.The latter two gave birth to eight children, who were later divided into eight local tribes. This is the origin story of the Khitan tribe. After the formation of the tribe, the Khitan people gradually developed to the south and now northeast China.The specialist of the qidan nationality proved that the bin iron was as strong as iron. The specialist of the qidan nationality always proved that it was as hard as iron. With the specialist of the qidan nationality, we will look at the specialist of the qidan descendants who left a good impression in history.After continuous development, the earliest Khitan tribes formed the earliest embryonic khitan eight tribes in northeast China, and finally formed the “Great Heshi Alliance” in the early Tang Dynasty. After the rise of The Northern Turks, they attached themselves to The Turks.The Khitan people disappeared temporarily in the long river of history until the end of the Tang Dynasty, when the world was in chaos, the Khitan people took the opportunity to rise. Yelu Abaoji unified the Khitan tribes, and the Khitan people finally rose under his good governance.Even later, when Zhu Wen usurped the Throne of the Tang dynasty, he successfully threw off the last FIG leaf of the Tang Dynasty. The Tang dynasty, which had always won foreign wars, never thought of being usurped by the “son” of the Khitan people.As the Central Plains entered the period of five Dynasties and Ten States, the wars continued, So Yelu Abaoji took the opportunity to absorb the refugees suffering from the wars in Yanyun, Hebei province, and built zhongyuan standard homes for them, allowing them to settle down in the north.The khitan population grew rapidly, and Yelu Abaoji appointed Han people as officials, which made the Khitan develop rapidly. Finally, the Khitan foundation became stable and moved south to the Central Plains. In the spring of the second year of Tianzan, Yelu Deguang sent his troops to capture Youzhou.After returning to Khitan, Yelu Deguang was the great Khan and the Emperor Taizong of Liao. At this time, khitan began to rise in an all-round way. It was in Hedong that Shijing began to claim himself emperor of Children.This was the beginning of shijing’s defeat of the later Tang dynasty, which led to the khitan taking possession of 16 yanyun prefectural states. Khitan took great efforts to cultivate its power and military work in Yanyun. After years of construction, khitan finally accumulated the power to unite the Central Plains.Finally, in 947, the Khitan army captured bianliang, the capital of the later Jin Dynasty, and occupied most of the central Plains, establishing the post of King Nanyuan to consolidate the khitan rule in the central Plains. In the same year, the khitan army established the name Of Daliao.At this time, the Khitan had already had the ambition to conquer the world, but could not go south due to the existence of the later Zhou. At this time, a Sirius star began to shine in the northwest direction, and it was the Western Xia, one of the states that formed the three-way structure behind, that began to rise.After the rise of the Song Dynasty and the Rise of the Western Xia dynasty, the war between song and Liao became bitter and bitter. It was not until the Southern Song dynasty unified the Central Plains that the three warring factions formed. However, after the five dynasties and ten states, the sixteen states of Yenyun, which the Song Dynasty could fight with the Liao dynasty, had already been handed over to the Khitan by shi Jing, the “son emperor”.At the beginning of the lost heaven, this is how to play, the Song dynasty can only hebei area as a line of defense to support their northeast military defense, then the Song Taizong dry out a let the history of the laughing matter, after the gaoliang River racing defeat and return.He was not only shot by an arrow, but also named as the God of gaolianghe. At this time, Emperor Taizong of Song had a wrong perception of the Northern Liao Dynasty. In fact, Liao was an advanced feudal dynasty with a unified centralized system.Instead of a simple small tribe with a vast territory, the wrong prediction also led to the Song army being defeated by the Liao army for many times. At the beginning, the good situation left by emperor Taizu was completely defeated by Zhao Guangyi of Song Taizu, and the Song Dynasty had no choice but to go on the defensive.At this time, The Liao continued to use troops to the south, but was unexpectedly defeated by Li Jilong, Xie Yuqing and others for many times. Finally, after years of military harassment and internal rest, the Liao launched a strategic decisive battle against the Song Dynasty, in an attempt to change the situation of equal power.But in the end, the Emperor of the Song Dynasty or once again defeated the Liao Army, liao army commander Xiao Jinda was shot and died in the Song Dynasty bolt, liao army momentum defeat, subsequent Song Zhenzong personally oversaw the battle of song Army morale greatly boosted at one stroke retreat.But at this time the Song emperor again played to the tradition of weak, yes, song and Liao made peace, which is the history of the famous Chanyuan Treaty, at this time both sides entered into a long period of peace, the Song was able to focus on the northwest.Finally, it reached its peak during the reign of Emperor Shengzong of liao Dynasty under the management of liao emperors for many years. Liao dynasty made peace with Song Dynasty in the south and allied with Western Xia dynasty in the west, thus forming the triad and checking each other.In the period of Xingzong of Liao dynasty, the Liao dynasty had been thoroughly corrupted, and there was no talent like Fan Zhongyan and Wang Anshi corresponding to song Dynasty, so the national strength stagnated.The government was corrupt, and crafty sycophants were in charge. The emperor himself was also engaged in construction projects, and the army was also seriously corrupt. A large number of landlords annexed land without any defense against land annexation, and the Liao people suffered from the stagnation of the Han system.Finally, after the Luanhe River rebellion, it became the last straw to crush the Liao Dynasty. At this time, the increasingly powerful Nuzhen people also gradually rose up. Finally, Wanyan Aguda, in the fourth year of Liao Tianzuo, rebelled against Liao and established the Jin Dynasty.Emperor Tianzuo was demoted to be king of the Sea by Jin Taizu, and the Liao dynasty was completely destroyed. However, some Khitan people could not bear the oppression of Jin dynasty and gathered in the west, and finally formed the Regime of Xiliao in the west, which was established by Yelu Dashi.At last, Genghis Khan destroyed the western Liao dynasty, which had a large territory, and the Khitan people scattered all over Asia from then on. Some of them changed their names to join the Jin Dynasty, while others changed their names to enter the Song Dynasty, while the nobles still lived in the former places of liao.However, the most famous successor of the Khitan was Yelu Chucai, the prime minister of the Yuan Dynasty. At this time, the Khitan had already existed in name only and entered the great wave of ethnic integration, and finally merged into the embrace of the Chinese nation in the historical torrent.Both the subsequent Jin Dynasty and the Mongolian were eventually replaced by the word “Chinese nation” without exception. In the great waves and sands of history, countless ethnic groups eventually came to the same destination under the recognition of the state.This tells us that no matter what, our Chinese nation is as one.