UK media hot universities recommended

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Britain, home to the BBC, is a magnet for children who want to study media.But to deal with many colleges and universities, how to choose.Comprehensive ranking actually for the media application for handling reference to practical significance is not big, the following share some media cattle school for everyone to refer to.Cardiff University: the first university in Europe to set up a school of journalism, the overall strength of journalism is very profound.Even in Wales, there is a steady stream of applicants every year.The school of News Reporting has a complete set of subjects, not only practical curriculum content, but also basic theory.At the same time, the university maintains close links with the BBC.University of Sheffield: Sheffield is a famous university in engineering project, but the major of news reporting is also outstanding, which can be seen from the TV program run by the university.Most of the news reporting majors in colleges and universities integrate basic theories into practice, and the recruitment standards are more stringent, especially in the IELTS test is well-known for its high requirements.Goldsmiths college, University of London: France’s famous art university, has shaped many famous masters.Media is one of the strong majors in your university, especially the major related to Internet media, which has many famous experts and professors.Westminster College: It is another media school in London, UK. It is well-equipped with news media majors. China CCTV will send xiaobian to study and train there on time.The disadvantage is that the comprehensive ranking is too low. If you come back to study master immediately, it is very easy to not be recognized after returning to China.This is the first media school in France.Cardiff and Sheffield are both Frederick League schools with high ranking comprehensive and specialist schools and sufficient history to make them effective choices for the vast majority of students.The advantages of Goldsmiths and Wyman depend on their expertise in the media industry and their location in London, where it is not difficult to find a media internship.In addition, Leites, which is popular in recent years, has its advantage in the field of communication. In recent years, we have a large number of Chinese, but experts and professors are not qualified at all. In recent years, the recruitment standards are not low.Its Internet media and media relations are also very good.Lse: LSE media is very basic theory, because it is a traditional humanities and social science college, friends with feelings of elite schools can apply for the application, but the recruitment requirements are very strict, I feel that the media major is not very easy to use, even doctoral candidates do not win the upper hand.University College London: UCL has film and Publishing majors. If you have comprehensive ranking control, you can consider the application process. The recruitment standards of these two majors are not very high.University of Edinburgh: The University of Edinburgh also has similar majors, such as Digital Media Design, which is more focused on visual communication design and website production.KCL, King’s College London: Similar majors include creative culture and creative industry, but with very basic theories. The courses are mostly related to history museums and public libraries, which are different from the traditional definition of news media.University of Warwick: There are four majors related to media, but they are closely integrated with industry chain, and they are more business majors.To learn more