Wrapped in white!The snow scenery of Simian Mountain scenic area is like a fairyland on earth

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All around the mountain snow, fast friends up the mountain to play snow ah!On February 2, the silvery mountain scenic area was covered with snow, just like a fairy tale world.At present, there is no traffic control in the Siyuan Mountain scenic area, and everything along the scenic highway is normal and vehicles can pass normally.In order to ensure that tourists play snow, the staff of the scenic area is responsible for the clearing of the road at any time.In order to effectively carry out epidemic prevention and control work, tourists visiting The Simian Mountain scenic spot should pay attention to epidemic prevention and control measures: 1.The scenic spot adopts online timescale booking and ticket purchase, and the tourist reception volume does not exceed 50% of the maximum carrying capacity.Tourists are requested to take temperature tests at the entrance, check the health code and travel code, wear masks and register with their real names before entering the scenic spot. Keep a distance of one meter and avoid gathering and clustering, so as to achieve safe and civilized tourism.2. Simian Mountain Scenic Spot will not receive people from overseas, medium-high risk areas, counties and districts with local cases, or those who have traveled to and lived in medium-high risk areas or counties with local cases within 14 days. Please support and cooperate.3. It is recommended to provide negative nucleic acid test certificate within 24 hours for people outside the city or those with travel history outside the city within 14 days entering the scenic spot.Upstream news reporter Li Shu