Community police: Peace in my district is my greatest achievement!

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Guard million “jia” lights “police uncle, the last mobile phone by hackers fraud, need to open a proof, proof mobile phone is mine.””Chaochao, it is said that a family in the community came back from abroad, I am a little afraid.””Elder brother, can this person put net loan to catch?”Dealing with parents’ quarrels and neighborhood disputes is a daily routine for Zhu Jinchao, community police officer of Xincheng Road Police Station of Jiading Public Security Bureau.This year, for thousands of families, is a good time to get together, but for him, it means commitment and responsibility.When I returned to Korea, I felt a different warmth. Did you get up?I came to check the quarantine facilities.”Early in the morning of the third day of the Chinese New Year, Zhu Jinchao came to Jiayi villa to visit Xiao Li, who had returned from studying abroad in France and was under independent health observation.For families like Li’s in his district, Zhu has created a separate wechat group for each of them.There are not only police officers, but also persons in charge of the health commission, hospitals, streets and neighborhood committees to coordinate the daily needs of autonomous health observers, such as picking up express delivery and taking out garbage.”I’m very grateful to the police for watching over me during my independent health watch!””The police there didn’t pay much attention to us,” Li said, recalling his experience studying abroad. “When I returned to China, I felt totally different care and warmth.”Zhu jinchao told reporters that he also experienced isolation and independent health observation due to overseas business trips, so he can better understand the difficulties of these residents. “If they have any special needs, we will try our best to coordinate.”During the Spring Festival, more and more people from overseas and high-risk areas returned to Shanghai, and many of them felt emotional because they could not spend the Spring Festival with their families. Therefore, Zhu jinchao also took the responsibility of psychological counseling.After visiting independent health observers, Zhu Jinchao went to the nearby community to carry out anti-fraud propaganda.”Hello, we have received fraud warning, so come to remind, and introduce some anti-fraud experience.”Zhu Jinchao picked up the leaflet, introduced Mr. Zhang one by one to brush single fraud, network loan fraud, naked chat fraud and other forms of fraud, and for him to install the “national anti-fraud center” APP.Mr. Zhang said that he had previously downloaded the “national anti-fraud center” APP, but because the memory is not enough to uninstall, did not expect these two days in the trick, “after the introduction of Police officer Zhu, I learned that its call warning and other functions are very practical, will keep this software.”There are more than 1600 friends most of the time, the police’s uncle Zhu Jinchao work not adventure, in his words, “is often said that ‘local regional policeman’ community police, give us a” square “(districts), from the maintenance of security, to grasp social situation to service the masses, what happened in this square we are.”As a “child police officer”, Zhu applied for a wechat account for community police work and has more than 1,600 friends, most of them residents in his district.The information I received on wechat for help ranged from neighborhood conflicts and family disputes to leaky houses and lost items, which were trivial and complicated.In the eyes of many residents, the wechat account, named “Police Officer Zhu of Xincheng Suo”, has become an almost universal platform for answering questions, many of which are beyond the scope of his job.Even if someone sent a message in the middle of the night, he still answered seriously.”Everyone doesn’t have to deal with the police that much, and since residents can find me, whether it’s in our business or not, I want to help them as much as possible.”Zhu jinchao said.Community fire inspection “Officer Zhu Happy New Year!”Zhu heard this call countless times as he walked around the neighborhood.As a community police, it is an important and difficult thing to promote the relationship between police and people.Zhu told the reporter proudly that in addition to “Police Officer Zhu”, residents have given him nicknames such as “Chao Chao” and “Chao Elder brother”. Behind these nicknames is zhu’s meticulous and dedicated efforts.”Top 10 Community Police officers of the Sub-bureau”, “Third-class Merit of the Sub-bureau”, “Personal Commendation of the Sub-bureau”…In his six years on the job, Zhu has won many honors.”For me, the fact that my community is safe is my greatest achievement.”Zhu jinchao said.Spring Festival I am on duty, security “not closed”.Thousands of families gather for the Spring Festival, is Zhu Jinchao, but also jiading district police, auxiliary police stick to day and night!Written by Si Shushu, photographed by Sun Yuhao, edited by Tang Min, Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: