Good things come in pairs!China and Russia issued a joint statement and signed a package agreement

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After the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics on February 4, Russia’s Gazprom said in a statement that it signed a new long-term gas supply agreement with China National Petroleum Corporation to increase annual gas supply by 10 billion cubic meters.It is worth mentioning that China and Russia also issued a joint statement on the same day, which is progressing steadily as Russian President Vladimir Putin’s close officials said earlier.As many as 15 agreements were expected to be signed during Putin’s visit to Beijing, according to leaks from The Russian side, and the rapid progress suggests things are going well.According to the agreement, Russia’s annual gas supply to China will increase to 48 billion cubic meters, which is equal to nearly 15 percent of China’s annual gas consumption in 2021.To put that in perspective, that would roughly cover China’s growing energy demand gap between 2022 and 2025.In addition, on the same day, Russian oil companies also signed a via kazakhstan to China for a period of ten years a total of one hundred million tons of oil supply agreement, this shows that both of us in the future for a period of time between China and Russia, with an environment for cooperation between the two countries to ensure that the two countries surrounding areas are optimistic/stability ability.As we all know, kazakhstan recently witnessed a serious, political, and heavily supported foreign intervention.But the new sino-Russian oil partnership, in which Russian oil companies will ship oil to China via the region, speaks volumes about Russia’s confidence in maintaining order in Kazakhstan and the potential for the two countries to agree on what is happening there.Russian media commented that the signing of the new energy cooperation agreement between Russia and China is another successful case of strengthening the cooperation between the two countries and complementing each other’s economic systems, and the biggest loser in the whole process is the United States.Earlier, the spokesmen of the US State Department and the White House said, “We should give full consideration to the possibility of Chinese enterprises supporting Russia in responding to us economic sanctions, and use policy tools to impose sanctions on relevant Chinese enterprises.”At the bottom of their toolbox is a blockade, such as the removal of Russia’s central bank from Swift, the international settlement system.It should be noted that in addition to Russia, they could also do this to China, but as things stand they can’t afford to do it, so they’re just pinching Russia.But can the US really get a deal out of Russia?The answer is clearly no, even if the United States to use the above method, economic and trade exchanges between China and Russia also is normal, after all, combat ethnic Russian is not good humiliate, and we also prepared an alternative solution, in the case of can’t use currency settlement deal with goods in Russia’s oil and natural gas is also possible.During Putin’s visit to China, in addition to the china-Russia cooperation and the development of bilateral relations, the Situation in Ukraine is also one of the topics of high discussion, especially many people are worried that this time will repeat the thing in 2008, in the process of Putin’s visit to China staged a drama in their own backyard.In fact, this possibility is not very likely, especially when the China-Russia partnership is further strengthened and the strategic cooperative relationship will take a solid step towards the direction of “security alliance”.Those countries, including the US, are not going to go easy on Russia, and they’re going to do it during the Winter Olympics.It is learnt that the key security concerns of both sides were mentioned for the first time in the China-Russia Joint Statement issued at the same time.The two heads of state held talks in Beijing at China’s invitation and issued a “joint statement on international relations and global sustainable development in the new Era,” according to Xinhua.”Russia reaffirms its commitment to the One-China principle, recognizes Taiwan as an inalienable part of our territory, and opposes any form of” Taiwan independence, “the statement said.The two sides oppose the continued expansion of NATO and call on NATO to abandon the ideology of the Cold War era, respect other countries’ sovereignty, security and interests, as well as the diversity of civilizations, history and culture, and view other countries’ peaceful development in an objective and fair manner.In addition, the statement mentioned the threat to security and stability in East Asia caused by the US seeking to deploy intermediate-range ballistic missiles in Asia after withdrawing from the INTERMEDIate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, and the current situation that a series of US military development plans are setting off an arms race.It was the first time in recent years that the two sides spoke publicly at the same time about each other’s territorial, sovereignty and security concerns and their willingness to respect those concerns.In the past, both China and Russia had avoided such statements out of concern for the reaction of international public opinion and the possibility of an arms race and a cold war, but there seems to be no need to do so now.As things stand, China and Russia are providing solid backing for each other’s national security and vital national interest concerns.So Washington may have to consider not only China but also Russia’s role in the diaoyu Islands, Taiwan and other issues.To put it simply, if the US wants to attack either China or Russia in the future, both China and Russia will react, and their attempt to defeat China and Russia one by one will be destroyed.