How to overcome the fear of running 800 meters

2022-07-15 0 By

Overcome the fear of running 800 meters with a change in mindset and cognition.Fear is more from the inner negative and dark ideas and cognition of something. In order to eliminate the fear of running 800 meters, we must change the correct cognition of running 800 meters, so as to change the cognition of fear of running 800 meters.From the cognition of 800 meters running, we should clearly realize that running 800 meters is a very basic physical requirements of ordinary people.There is no problem for healthy, normal adults to complete the program.The fear of it is more caused by wrong mental cognition, negative thinking mode and poor physical condition.Some people are afraid of 800 meters, often because the physical quality is not very good, the thought of this project is full of bad side, with escape to face the problem.That’s why I’m afraid.In fact, for any normal adult, running 800 meters is just a simple sport, not beyond the physical talent requirements, even if the physical condition is not very good, but also through the acquired training to complete this project.The thing that really scares people is not the thing, but the fear itself.Therefore, as long as you keep exercising, improve your physical quality, slowly change your cognition of the 800-meter event, and face it with a normal heart, you will find that the 800-meter race is not so terrible as you imagine.