One ancestor one emperor eight saints, “the romance of the Gods” top ten battle force ranking, Lao Jun row?

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The magic weapons are often more powerful than the characters themselves, and the fighting scenes are much better than in Journey to the West.”Romance of the Gods” book, many characters appear, a magic weapon is dazzling.According to the level of repair, the master in the book can roughly become: saint, quasi-saint, golden fairy, immortal, immortal, mortal warrior six realm.Today, “history book Ling Xuan Ge” will use this article to talk about the book’s ten sage level master, can be summarized as “one ancestor one emperor eight saints.”According to the “romance of the gods” set, Nu Wa is “merit into saint”, its own war force is not high, so did not list.The word “Hongjun” first appeared in the western Han Dynasty wang Bao’s “Four Sons Talk about Virtue”, not in the Romance of The Gods.In this ancient book, “hongjun” means avenue.”Romance of the Gods”, Hongjun old zu can be called the war ceiling, no one.Hongjun Lao Zu was “in three qing dynasties”, and in his hands were able to create jade dishes that were level with heaven.In addition to the great god Pangu, whose voice is only heard in the book, hongjun has no rival in The Three Kingdoms.Hongjun laozu appeared, xiangyun Wan dao, auspicious qi thousands, gongs and drums, firecrackers.And as soon as he appeared, he scolded the Lord of Heaven and gave sanqing three poisons.Tell them to stop fighting with each other.Hongjun Lao Zu to sanqing pressure, like tianshan Tong Mu lessons 72 holes master, like Tianshan pressure.Hao Tian, although hao Tian did not appear, but he is an important contributor to the plot of the book.On the origin of the “god list”, “the legend of the gods” original is so written: Haotian God life immortal first twelve ministers, so this three religions and talk about, is to illustrate the church, cut off the church, humanitarian three, a total of 365 into god.Can let the level of three qing immortals bow to the minister, in addition to Hongjun Lao Zu, I’m afraid only haotian.In ancient mythology, haotian represents the worship of the sky and is the highest deity in all mythological systems.”Nine songs” inside the East Emperor Taiyi, “The book of Mountains and Seas” inside the emperor Jun, “Journey to the West” inside the Jade Emperor, are “Haotian” incarnation.They just have different names in different mythological systems.In Taoist mythology, the three qing dynasties are: jade qing yuan shi Tian Zun, Qing Lingbao Tian Zun, Tai Qing moral Tian Zun.Who headed the three Qing dynasty, in the ancient times many changes, sometimes is yuan Shi Tian Zun, sometimes is too old Jun.In the Story of The Gods, The First Emperor of The Yuan Dynasty also hinted that taishanglaojun had a higher status than himself.Yuan Shi Tian Zun said, although he is the palm to teach, but there are more powerful than their own power, if you encounter difficulties, you can go to the palace of eight views to find the old gentleman.In addition, the taishang Old Gentleman in the book is also one of the strongest in the Three Qing Dynasties.Taishang Lao Jun has the most magic weapons, such as taiji chart, heaven and earth dark yellow linglong pagoda, Qiankun chart, from the ground flame flag, wind fire futon and so on.When fighting the Immortal Sword array, Taishang Lao Jun can play the Master of Heaven with his magic.This point, yuan shi Tian Zun could not do.Yuanshi Tianzun of the eight sages, yuanshi Tianzun, did not perform as well as Taishang Laojun in the battle of the Jade Dynasty.Yuan shi Tian Zun is before 3 saint come, oneself one person enters the devil devil celestial array, want to explore after all, the result ate a dark deficit.Lord Tong Tian jiao used an array of immortal swords to cut off a lotus flower on yuan Shi Tian Zun’s head.Later, the three saints came and rushed at the same time.Yuan shi Tianzun used the various days to celebrate clouds and ten thousand golden lotus bodyguards, but also took three treasure jade ruyi as a weapon, in order to run fast he also rode sibuxiang.And too on the old gentleman, only with heaven and earth xuan Huang Linglong pagoda a magic weapon.Therefore, yuan Shi Tian Zun’s strength is obviously inferior to that of Tai Shang Lao Jun.The tongtian Lord of the eight sages was the head of the Intercessor Sect, which was at the bottom of the sanqing dynasty.He can only rely on power against the sky magic weapon, with Yuan Shi Tian Zun, too on the old gentleman dead knock.Without a magic weapon, the Tongtianjiao Lord is no match for Lao Jun.The most powerful magic weapon of tongtianjiao Lord is the four swords of hindmost Celestial being, which are immortal sword, immortal sword, immortal sword, immortal sword and immortal sword.Once the array of Immortal Swords is out, the sages will vanish into ashes and ashes. No matter how strong your five-color light is, you can’t break the array of Immortal Swords.Moreover, if you want to break the immortal sword array, you must have four sages at the same time.If the immortal sword array is any stronger and requires five sages to fight at the same time, the victory is the intercessor.In addition to the immortal sword array, tongtianjiao Lord’s six soul Flags, jin Jiao scissors are the book’s top magic weapon.In the romance of Canonization, the prototype of the person receiving the introduction is Amitabha Buddha, and the prototype of the person receiving the introduction is Junti Bodhisattva.Originally, god war is hongjun Lao Zu himself under a game of chess, under the next, the Western religion involved.The participation of the lead and the quasi – mention can not be separated from the invitation of the Yuanshitian Zun.The magic weapon is followed by the guide: twelve products liantai, followed by the god, green lotus flag, swing magic pestle.The magic weapons of the people are: jiancheng god pestle, seven treasures wonderful tree, six pure bamboo, sarira.Generally speaking, the strength of the receiver and the would-be initiator is very similar, if after all, the personal avatar, the would-be initiator is slightly stronger.During the battle of immortal Sword array, the would-be Taoist used a magic trick called “18 hands and 24 heads of golden body and Dharma”.Hand carry 18 kinds of magic weapon a greeting, brush with shippo wonderful tree also broken borne hierarch of sword, is must mention the opponent of tongtian leader?As for the person who received the guide and the person who was to be the guide were the disciples of the patriarch, it was not mentioned in the Story of The Gods.”Legend of The Gods” is not mixed Kun patriarch.Fuxi, Yan Di, Yuan Fuxi, Yan Di, yuan although not much in the battle of canonization, but their names did appear in the novel “Romance of Canonization”.At the beginning of the story, The Goddess nu Wa visited the three saints in the huoyun cave on her birthday.Later, jade ding real let Yang Jian go to the fire cloud hole for medicine, Yang Jian will be called three holy master.In the book, the three saints of huoyun Cave did not directly strike, nor did they show the top magic weapon, so it is difficult to judge whether they have the strength of saints.But in ancient mythology, Fuxi was the god of wisdom and the “emperor of man”.Yan Emperor and Yellow Emperor are “Shanhaijing” of the Emperor of Heaven, the strength of nature can not be underestimated, especially xuan Yuan yellow Emperor, carrying xuanyuan sword cut the punishment day.In addition to the above ten masters, the next row should be the land pressure and burning lamp.