To look ahead, do not advance because of the shameful thing you have done in the past

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A long time ago, a friend named “five younger brother” made pearls in a dinner: “Even if you do a thousand stupid things wrong, you still don’t get old.”This sounds a little pretentious, even spring frog autumn cicada.But we can’t take it out of context.His message was that even when one does something mean and shameless, it’s not “over, Barbie Q,” and there’s still time to fix it and fix it.Who doesn’t want their life to be peaceful and beautiful?But the road of growth is meandering and rugged, we inevitably encounter many funny things.He made a mistake he would never have made, and he did it stupidly, even despicably.Human memory is really strange. We hope that the things we never forget never happened, but those sad things we don’t want to talk about are still in our ears and memories years later.For example, when I was fresh out of school, I did something stupid that was unworthy of my first girlfriend. I didn’t hear from her for more than 20 years.Years later, she found that she had gone too far and wanted to apologize to the other side, but she had disappeared.Perhaps because of anonymity, her hometown has been unknown for years, and there is never a trace of snow mud on the Internet.It seems that everything has disappeared and disappeared, and our story will always stay in that period of time.Because of shame and anxiety, the torture of the heart day by day.But too late to repent, only to reap the consequences.Blame blame oneself at the beginning too headstrong, demented muddled.Shame and regret would not help.A misstep is a mistake, but it is sometimes unavoidable.Since things have passed so many years, that scale and half armour memory is not important, let it become a part of life!Tomorrow the sun will rise as usual, will not change because of who appeared or curtain call, our life also have to continue.The way ahead is so long without ending, yet high and low I’ll search with my will unbending.It’s better to remember the pain and get out of the haze than to complain to yourself.Instead of making peace with yourself, live with a smile now, and not frown on your past mistakes, so that you are entwined with yourself.If a man’s heart is good, good will come to him.Spare yourself!There is no need to be depressed, there is no need to be depressed.After all, to err is human, right?It’s better to change than to pass.Writer Luo Linxi, a native of Zhongshan County, Guangxi