Why is audi TT used cheap?

2022-07-15 0 By

1, the market’s super car audi TT is ultimately belongs to, and less happy with driving force characteristics and safe driving for the advantages of characteristic limits its audience, the vast majority of the Chinese popular trading demand or centralized on the applicability of the car, the audi TT in interior space obviously can not achieve the daily transportation must,Therefore, compared with other types of cars, Audi TT occupies a very small market share in China, and small ownership means a higher price drop.2. The price range is too high. In the case of similar other standards, low-priced cars will appreciate relative to each other.But audi TT nearly 500 thousand market price represents a higher application maintenance cost, in case of a problem every once in a while, the maintenance cost will certainly make you regret and buy Audi TT.3, the use of the vehicle itself is one of the most important determinants of the residual value of the vehicle itself, the same use time of the vehicle according to different vehicle performance, the price of a lot of difference.Imagine that these people who buy Audi TT want to feel its driving force characteristics and practical operation characteristics, of course, in the daily driving will scratch and jump to the bowl or too much damage, if there is a very large maintenance mark and safety accident mark, then the value of the car will be greatly reduced.So not good to sell the car, we Chinese people love big, have to buy the rushing of suvs, jeep off-road SUV car strong man, you look at the little girl will love it, but that a petite car a few WenJinZhe, this is the temperament, high-grade car no appreciation not sales market is not a car is not so good but is cost-effective temperament decision, Rs8 stronger,On which whole these rich second generation to go, but I think TT is very good, the car is small does not occupy the area, for female beginners more appropriate but.