Fujian ear qinsheng music production company analysis of the strengthening of vocal music art accomplishment

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As a form of music, vocal music art has the characteristics of time art, and is the synthesis of music and literature. The singer should not only sing a gorgeous voice, but also express the emotional connotation of the work, so as to achieve both sound and emotion.In vocal singing, the singer is not only faced with Chinese music works, but also with various types of works like art songs and operas. These works require the singer to understand the cultural background, time and other historical factors of the creation of the work, so as to further experience the work and interpret the work.At the same time, it is necessary to strengthen the study of language grammar in various countries, so as to more accurately express the style of the works.Vocal music art is an important link in which vocal music works are transformed into flowing form of sound and aesthetic communication occurs directly with aesthetic aestheticians. That is to say, the embodiment of artistic value of vocal music must rely on the re-creation of performance links in order to establish aesthetic relationship with aesthetic aestheticians and realize its ultimate value.The cultivation of musical aesthetic ability helps to improve the singer’s singing level and second creation ability, helps to grasp and understand the style and connotation of the work more accurately, helps the singer to form correct aesthetic values, so that their body and mind are cultivated and their hearts are purified.