Luntai County Technical School carried out a publicity activity with the theme of “Knowing the Party’s grace, feeling the Party’s grace, listening to the Party’s words and following the Party’s footsteps”

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In order to further study and publicize and implement the spirit of the sixth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, vigorously publicize and display the great achievements made by Luntai County in building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way, and promote the gratitude education activities to go deep and solid, On February 12, The Technical School of Luntai County carried out the theme of “Knowing the Party’s gratitude, feeling the Party’s gratitude, listening to the Party’s words and walking with the Party”.More than 700 staff members and technical class students attended the event.The preaching activities began with the solemn National anthem.During the invitation of the vestibule school, county mission center XuanJiangYuan transcribing to sweat aicha, figure ni, guli, Mr Mak, kurban, sand, vomit, combined with his own experience, respectively, the “thoroughly study and apply the party’s spirit of the sixth plenary session of the 19th to be a” patriotic “to know well each party of Chinese citizens”, “the story of Thanksgiving is beside you” topics such as preaching.In the process of preaching activities, the speaker timely “microphone” to the masses, and the masses interact with “tell stories, say changes, talk about feelings, words party grace”.During the intermission, speakers sang patriotic songs such as “Me and my Motherland” and “Salute to the Motherland”, and jointly carried out the “I am a Chinese citizen” pledge activity.Through popular language, vivid examples, wonderful artistic performances and “down-to-earth atmosphere” interaction, created a strong atmosphere of “knowing the Party’s grace, listening to the party’s words, feeling the Party’s grace and following the Party”.”Today’s lecture has a novel form, humorous language and easy to understand. It has both theoretical depth and profound simplicity. I have benefited a lot from it.Ai SAN Mamuti, the second group of villagers in Saiyimali Village, Tirekeba Township, said that after listening to the lecture, he realized that today’s happy life was not easy, but also improved his sense of gratitude.County, said an official with the vestibule school effect is very good to preach the theme, the school will take “preach” + the + interaction with the actual way, continue to carry out various forms, rich in content and popular forms of “DangEn, DangEn, listen to the party, go with the party” series theme to preach, lead the masses of all nationalities misfortune, unity, mutual rural revitalization.(Yang Yanping, Li Shuanghong)