Obligation to plant trees | not good spring “lu sleeve” add green police in April

2022-07-16 0 By

At that time, the spring breeze strokes my face, and the new green blooms, it is a good time to plant trees and sow green.In order to enrich the culture of the police battalion and stimulate the enthusiasm of the police to actively participate in the construction of green silver, baiyin Public Security Sub-bureau organized 20 auxiliary police officers to participate in the voluntary tree-planting activity on the morning of April 6, adding new green to the earth in early spring.Tang Sheng, deputy Mayor of Baiyin, Party Secretary and Director of Baiyin Public Security Bureau, and Hou Zhe, deputy District director of Baiyin District, Party Secretary and director of Baiyin Public Security Bureau attended the event.Tree planting site, all the people auxiliary police spirit, full of energy, we waved the shovel, digging holes, seedlings, soil, watering, division of labor cooperation, tacit cooperation, will be a tree seedlings implanted in the soil.After two hours of hard work, the newly planted saplings were arranged in neat rows and stood proudly, reflecting each other with a touch of “Tibetan blue” and glowing with vitality in the warm spring breeze.Live up to the good spring, tree planting time.This voluntary tree-planting activity not only beautifies the environment, improves the awareness of greening and ecological protection, but also inspires everyone’s enthusiasm for work and teamwork.It not only condensed the police heart and enriched the cultural life of the police battalion, but also showed the good spiritual outlook and positive working attitude of the auxiliary police of baiyin Sub-bureau, and contributed to the construction of a beautiful city with hard work.