During the Spring Festival, volunteers in Anjiang town carry out traffic counseling activities

2022-07-17 0 By

Hello, please take the zebra crossing!To help an giang town “double gen” work, strengthen the road traffic safety, to further improve the masses traffic civilization consciousness and safety consciousness, advocating civilized fashion of travel, build civilization, peace, safety of road traffic environment, improve the image of the urban civilization, during the Spring Festival, is necessary, an giang organization for government and social public welfare association, an giang traffic allure volunteer service activities.Activity time from 30 January to February 5, last week, the volunteers in the main city intersection traffic safety civilization persuasion activities, according to the traffic light guide pedestrians, traffic, for violation of traffic violation behavior in a timely manner to stop, persuade people pay attention to watch the traffic lights, obey the traffic rules, to gauge chaos to stop the place of private cars,Answer questions for passers-by and ask for directions.This activity attracted many citizens and students to sign up. From 8:00 to 16:00 every day, volunteers wearing yellow vests and red hats stood at the intersection in the wind and snow to dissuade traffic violations, guide citizens and students to obey traffic laws and regulations, and contribute to the creation of a civilized city.(Reporter Li Pubing)