Kaldek makes an important decision!Shenzhen team received bad news, Li Zhangzhu this time trouble

2022-07-17 0 By

Beijing time, April 7, 11 am, the latest news of Chinese football, according to the Brazilian media “Globo Sports” reported that Kardek has made an important decision, he is going to FIFA to Sue Shenzhen for five months of unpaid salary, and intends to return to Brazil to play, this news is no doubt bad news for Shenzhen.”Kardek has lost his patience with Shenzhen and he and his agent have officially informed the club that he will file a lawsuit with FIFA if they do not pay back the five months in arrearage.Kardek’s idea is to return to Brazil.His agent revealed in January that he had received offers from Brazilian clubs.However, the current obstacle is the transfer window, which closes next Tuesday, April 12, so time is running out.”From “global sports” in this paper, we can see that the shenzhen team back pay still not solve the problem, already owe Carl decker 5 months ‘salary, if not in time to pay his salary, shenzhen team Carl decker will appeal to FIFA, Carl decker also said the shenzhen team is very disappointed at the same time, he wants to leave shenzhen team, league return to Brazil,However, the Brazilian transfer window is about to close, so Kardek must make a decision as soon as possible. If Kardek leaves shenzhen, it will be difficult to find a replacement for him in a short time, which is obviously bad news for Li.Shenzhen team didn’t get the champions league last season, from all walks of life to the shenzhen team is very disappointed, you know the shenzhen team spent big on last season, last season, the introduction of gold, but also has become the last season of the start, also from the tianjin team and the shenzhen team respectively introduce the archie peng and tile caso, shenzhen team in last season’s performance, however, is difficult to satisfy the outside world,Shenzhen team can not qualify for the Asian Champions League, but also missed the relevant aspects of shenzhen team ready for the 30 million bonus.In this case, the shenzhen team want to change in the new season, in the case of financial difficulties still come south Korean teacher lee jang-soo, want to do something in this season, but gold, has left, Shanghai harbor to Dai Weijun is also determined, if Carl decker leave, for lee jang-soo aims to lead the team in shenzhen to get good grades, is clearly a big trouble.To know Carl decker 16 appearances on behalf of the shenzhen team last season, averaging 78 minutes and scored 11 goals for the shenzhen team, and 3 assists, Carl decker performance perfect last season, he is also the main focal point to shenzhen team games village pull, if shenzhen team lose the foreign aid, to say the shenzhen team effectiveness at least by half,It’s almost impossible to qualify for the Asian Champions League.According to the previous message, the shenzhen team in the case of funding difficulties did not seek share reform, so the shenzhen team to be paid in a short period of time Carl decker’s salary is difficult, because not only seek leave Carl decker, Dai Weijun leave rumours of more and more, the reason of leave also is same, have been long time back pay, while the shenzhen team don’t want to let the two players,But if not timely solution of unpaid wages, Lee Jang-soo’s trouble will continue, to know that unpaid wages are not only these two players, the other players in the team are experiencing unpaid wages, to know that Akim Peng, Wakasuo strength is also quite good, do not rule out a team coveted these two foreign aid.Although shenzhen announced that the team will be younger in the new season, but the foreign aid is in Li Zhangzhu’s plan, in order to shenzhen team in the new season to continue to maintain fighting strength, Shenzhen team and Li Zhangzhu must solve the problem of unpaid wages.