Real money “gift package”, special train and special plane arrangement…New Year’s “snatch war” escalation, Qingdao such “break out”

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Since the beginning of the Year of the Tiger, various localities have taken sincere measures to launch a new “poaching war”.Qingdao, which is based on manufacturing industry and strong city, has a more urgent demand for front-line workers and technical talents.Qingdao is on the move – after the Spring Festival holiday, the “recruitment” market is booming.On February 9, Qingdao (Shibei) flexible labor market launched the 2022 Spring Breeze Action, promoting the demand for 100,000 jobs;February 10th, held the “Green geese home” action — Qingdao students New Year symposium, encourage college graduates to return to youth employment and entrepreneurship;On February 11, G2096 “Lugan Labor Cooperation — Qingdao dingxi Migrant Workers Return to work high-speed train”, carrying 540 dingxi migrant workers, arrived in Qingdao at 9:35 PM and went to 109 enterprises in the city to assist in production.On February 12, the migrant workers from Cheng County, Longnan City, Gansu Province, arrived in Qingdao at 5 PM by Shan Airlines Flight SC8820.In the morning of February 14th, the first live broadcast of the Year of the Tiger was carried out in byd’s production workshop in Qingdao….After the Spring Festival, Qingdao accelerated the upgrading of the tactics and strategy of “snatching people”, and made a “combination of measures”, such as stabilizing posts and retaining workers with gift packages, strengthening regional labor cooperation, and promoting employment by market means, to fight the battle of “difficult employment” and ensure a “stable opening” and “good start” for the city’s economic development.In order to let migrant workers adapt to life in Qingdao as soon as possible, Qingdao has sent them a “life gift package”.The seasonal shortage of jobs around the Spring Festival has become a normal problem.Especially in the spring of the past two years, affected by the epidemic, working outside to make money is no longer the first choice of many migrant workers, which also makes the periodic “recruitment difficulties” and “labor shortage” more severe.In order to minimize the dilemma of no one available to resume work and production after the start of the New Year, various cities have also done a good job of “advance”, trying to “stay” during the Spring Festival articles.Before the Spring Festival, Qingdao High-tech Zone will throw out a “good” — all in the core area of the high-tech Zone “four enterprises” in the “stable post to stay” non-young employees, given a standard subsidy of 1000 yuan per person;The Qingdao Federation of Trade Unions has launched a “gift package” for the Spring Festival, which includes ten volunteer service activities such as helping workers in need, teaching professional knowledge, public welfare counseling for primary school students and holiday condolences, as well as a campaign of “Collecting tiger cards to celebrate the Spring Festival” with a maximum price of 1888 yuan, in order to attract migrant workers to stay in their jobs for the New Year.In addition to Qingdao, Hangzhou, Shaoxing, Ningbo, Jinhua, Hefei and other places have also launched a series of exciting “New Year gift packages” — Hangzhou will issue 500 yuan deduction vouchers and 100 yuan cash vouchers per person according to the standard of 600 yuan per person to non-Zhejiang hukou migrant workers who stay in Hangzhou during the Spring Festival holiday and pay social security in Hangzhou.Ningbo offers a maximum of 500 yuan per person “red envelope for staying on post”. During the Spring Festival, local employees can enjoy a series of special spring welcome activities with the “5·1 service card”.During the Spring Festival, Jinhua will issue consumption vouchers totaling 800 yuan to each non-Zhejiang resident working in Jinhua.For the second year in a row, Suzhou has launched the “Ten Points for Stabilizing posts and Benefiting Enterprises”, which not only gives 15 points to the migrant workers who work in Suzhou during the Spring Festival, but also gives 15 points to those who apply for the integral management of suzhou’s migrant population in 2022 (including the integral settlement, integral admission to hospitals and urban integral admission).At the same time, we will continue the current policy of gradually reducing the total contribution ratio of unemployment insurance for employers and employees to 1% until April 30, 2022.Hefei launched the stability during the Spring Festival of 2022 post to leave work specific plan of action, on January 26, 2022 to leave fat during February 9, 2022, in the city’s key enterprises, major construction projects of employment and rules on the industrial enterprises and the rules on service companies work, and pay social insurance in hefei of anhui province household staff “fat red envelope”,The payment standard is 1000 yuan per person;A series of gifts such as “Cny 1,000 Spring Festival Gift package”, “CNY 100 phone subsidy” and “free meals” will be issued to employees of industrial enterprises and project sites with normal production from January 29 to February 7, 2022;…In addition to introducing the above “Spring Festival gift package” and distributing benefits to the hands of migrant workers, all localities also pay attention to the enterprises that maintain stable production and keep posts.After the Spring Festival holiday, the phenomenon of “labor shortage” and “recruitment difficulties” is common.According to suzhou’s “Ten Articles for Stabilizing Posts and Benefiting Enterprises”, local governments can provide certain standard employment subsidies to key enterprises that recruit employees to Suzhou for the first time from January to February 2022, sign labor contracts with them for one year or more and participate in social insurance for three months or more.Hefei transportation enterprises that carry out “shared labor” for 7 days or more during the Spring Festival will be given one-time subsidies according to the standard of 700 yuan per person, and the subsidy for a single enterprise is capped at 400,000 yuan.According to the average daily power consumption from January 31 to February 6, 2022, Wuhu will give enterprises a reward of up to 300,000 yuan.At the same time, subsidies will be given to projects that do not stop work from January 31 to February 15 and have more than 50 workers per day on site.Hangzhou qiantang area is set up 20 million yuan qi leave work reward fund, the 2022 third quarter revenue of not less than the previous year, season average or rose more than 6% in the fourth quarter on the rules of the enterprise (including services), according to the size of choose and employ persons of the enterprise, respectively up to 1 million yuan, 500000 yuan, 300000 yuan, 100000 yuan;…These money “material benefit”, in attracting foreign workers to stay and to motivate the stable enterprise, the more is the release of a signal: cities are open to welcome every arrival of migrant workers, and do my best efforts to provide better city services for migrant workers, the retention than money more warm, can move the heart.02 strengthen the cooperation of labor services between regions, Qingdao new recruit to try every means to “retain people”, but also to do everything possible to “grab people”.After the Spring Festival, “recruitment” markets around the country are in full swing.On the ninth day of the first lunar month, Qingdao officially launched the spring Breeze Campaign 2022 and held its first offline job fair.On the same day, more than 3,000 jobs from some 60 companies came to fill them.In addition to the manufacturing enterprises in need of operators, technicians, cleaners, restaurant waiters, housekeeping waiters and other people’s livelihood service industries, the largest demand.”Before the Spring Festival, we conducted a thorough survey of market players and launched a spring Breeze campaign that lasted for nearly two months. During this period, we planned 148 on-site job fairs and 40 online job fairs, totaling 188 job fairs, providing nearly 100,000 high-quality jobs for more than 1,300 enterprises.””Said Zhan Zilong, a staff member in the market service department of Qingdao Public Employment and talent Service Center.According to reports, the average monthly recruitment salary of the 100,000 jobs in Spring Breeze Action this year is about 5,700 yuan, up 5% year on year.”There were 61,000 positions with a monthly salary of 5,000 to 10,000 yuan, accounting for 60.8 percent of all positions and 11.3 percentage points higher than the same period last year. This is also a self-adjustment of the market to the phenomenon of ‘recruitment difficulties’, hoping to raise salaries to attract more workers.”After all, the number of local labor force is limited, so how to strengthen inter-regional labor cooperation has become one of the important means to solve the “labor shortage” and “difficult recruitment” plight of labor-intensive industries.Before the Spring Festival, Guangdong, a major province of migrant workers from other provinces, had arranged more than 2,000 special buses, 10 special trains and three charter flights to connect with Guizhou and Yunnan provinces.In Henan province, a large labor resource province, songxian county alone has opened a 38 vehicle “through train”, from Zhenjiang in Jiangsu province, Ningbo in Zhejiang Province, Chengdu in Sichuan Province, Baoshan in Shanghai and other places of migrant workers from the “point to point” transport to the factory.Qingdao, as a big city with labor, will not miss the opportunity to “dig people” from areas with sufficient labor resources.On February 11, the first trip to “Qingdao dingxi return migrants high-speed train” green, on February 12, from chengyang district counterpart cooperation – areas longnan in gansu province into a county workers take flights to Qingdao free workers, from the “home” to the “factory gate”, all of a sudden to Qingdao to solve the problem of employment of more than 600 people.February 11th, the first high-speed train for returning workers in Qingdao and Dingxi arrived in Qingdao.On February 12, migrant workers from Chengyang District, Gansu Province, arrived in Qingdao by free migrant flights.”In the early stage, we established labor cooperation alliances with 70 cities nationwide. We also timely and accurately pushed the labor demand of enterprises to the whole country.”Qingdao Public Employment and Human Resource Service Center.As the closest labor cooperation partner, Qingdao, Dingxi and Longnan have established a regular labor cooperation mechanism.Last year alone, Qingdao held 29 job fairs in Dingxi and Longnan, releasing 64,338 jobs.At the same time, Qingdao – Dingxi East-West Labor cooperation workstations have been established in seven districts, including South and north of The city, to bridge the school-enterprise cooperation between Hisense Group, Dingxi Technical Secondary School and Dingxi Industry and Trade.Thanks to such close labor cooperation, 3,815 rural laborers from Dingxi and Longnan came to work in Qingdao last year (1,991 of them were out of poverty), which supported Qingdao’s economic production and greatly consolidated the achievements of poverty alleviation.Compared with the traditional labor mode of entering a factory and working for a year, flexible labor and shared labor are becoming a new trend in the labor market and a new choice for young workers in recent years.”In fact, many industries have off-season labor, the traditional labor mode is a year into the factory, the peak season to live more natural workers income is also high, but in the off-season, it has become a high turnover, home.This not only increases the cost of recruitment for enterprises themselves, but also does not provide good income security for migrant workers.”In Qingdao blue ocean human resources co., LTD., general manager of He Lufeng, flexible, Shared recruitment to circumvent the this one season the contradiction between supply and demand of labor force, “the industry to enter the off-season, but there are other industries, jobs are busy season, migrants can timely allocate, avoid the waste of labor resources.”However, as a new thing of shared labor, flexible labor, there are still a lot of “migrant workers” worry, especially how to protect the rights and interests of shared labor, flexible labor.”In recent years, we have also made great efforts to cultivate the local human resource service industry, through reasonable standards and guidance of human resource service companies, highlighting their role as professional and market-oriented intermediary services, and better linking labor supply and demand.””Said Liu Chuanhua, deputy director of Qingdao Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, at the launch ceremony of the Spring Breeze Campaign.In September last year, Qingdao issued the Implementation Plan for promoting Employment in The Human Resource Service Industry in Qingdao, which clearly proposed to carry out flexible employment services.Human resource service organizations are encouraged to provide all kinds of enterprises, especially labor-intensive enterprises, with refined services such as recruitment, training and personnel agency.Human resource service institutions are organized to set up service platforms through multiple channels, carry out “labor sharing” among enterprises, and provide supply and demand matching services for enterprises with periodic labor shortage in view of resource imbalance problems such as idle human resources of some enterprises and labor shortage of some enterprises.We will give full play to the role of flexible labor market, widely release supply and demand information on temporary, part-time and freelance jobs, and support flexible employment of workers.Of course, in addition to strengthening market-oriented recruitment, Qingdao is also constantly exploring a new mode of integration of industry and education, constantly cultivating local skilled talent teams, and building a city of craftsmen, which is particularly key to solving the structural contradiction between labor supply and demand in Qingdao.540 migrant workers from Dingxi were sent to 109 enterprises in Qingdao from point to point.In November last year, Qingdao issued the Notice on Further accelerating the Independent evaluation of enterprise skills talents in Qingdao, making it clear to further strengthen the training and encouragement of skilled talents and support enterprises to carry out independent evaluation of skilled talents.To promote education through evaluation, continuously improve the city’s respect and praise for high-quality skilled talents, and stimulate the enthusiasm and pride of all kinds of skilled talents.At the same time, Qingdao also encourages employment enterprises to carry out professional cooperation with technical colleges and universities to cultivate professional talents with precision and customized skills.Last year, Qingdao also signed a number of labor training agreements with Longnan and Dingxi, and the municipal people’s and social security departments of Qingdao went to the western regions and counties to organize 62 training courses on e-commerce, baby care, electricians and welders, pastry cooking and other topics, training 3,743 rural labor people.Manpower is an important guarantee for high-quality economic development.From the beginning of the New Year, Qingdao has made great efforts in this aspect, allocating enough high-quality human resources for the city, ensuring that the “labor shortage” and “difficult recruitment” phase will be stable, and laying a solid foundation for promoting the city to achieve a “steady opening” and “good start” in the first quarter.In the process of speeding up the building of Qingdao into a modern international metropolis, we hope that more and more workers can come, stay and work in Qingdao with ease. While fully realizing the value of their lives, we hope that Qingdao will become more vibrant, powerful and charming.Author | Ren Xiaomeng