The Opinions on the Implementation of the Construction of Jinan, Shandong Province, As a Pilot Zone for Scientific and Creative Financial Reform were issued

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On March 31, the information Office of the provincial government held a press conference to introduce the relevant content of the “Implementation Opinions on the Construction of The Experimental Zone for Scientific and Innovative Financial Reform in Jinan city of Shandong Province” (hereinafter referred to as the “implementation Opinions”).According to the introduction, the implementation of the opinions specifically includes six aspects of 31 content, including improving the scientific and technological innovation financial organization system, improving the full cycle of scientific and technological innovation financial services, promoting the integrated development of finance, science and technology and industry, promoting the construction of factor markets and platforms, promoting regional financial cooperation and opening, and optimizing the financial ecological environment.For sound kechuang financial organization system, shandong local financial regulator is proposed to speed up the development of the specialized kechuang financial institutions, actively introduce gathered kechuang financial resources, increase the intensity of developmental, policy-oriented financial support, improve service win the local financial organization ability, to strengthen the construction of financial institutions, corporate governance and internal control mechanism of five aspects, such as measures,To focus on trying to get set up kechuang financial specializing in Banks, to establish experimental zone kechuang financial characteristic evaluation standard, the business system and supervision system, support local financial organization to carry out the “regulatory sand box” pilot, etc, to step up and tries to build system of sound, reasonable structure, strong financial services system.To improve financial services, scientific and technological innovation in the whole cycle of shandong local financial regulators for at the different stage of science and technology innovation-oriented enterprises, put forward “angel investment, venture investment + + kechuang guarantee credit, credit service innovation, intellectual property and technology insurance service + public debt financing” eight work measures, such as science and technology innovation-oriented enterprises is dedicated to provide you with the whole chain, the whole cycle of financial services.Especially in view of the difficulty in raising, investing and withdrawing equity investment, the paper proposes to explore the development of private equity and venture capital secondary trading funds and secondary share transfer funds, establish and improve the mechanism of state-owned venture capital enterprises and other aspects, and strive to break through;To the overall scheme of key task “create talent can assign system”, “implementation opinion” in human capital elements to give financial clear and definite attribute, the construction of “talent has a price assessment model, innovation development” talent is borrowed “series of exclusive credit products, and explore establishing” talent is borrowed “declaration, evaluation, promotion, reward and risk compensation mechanism, realize the personnel assigned to.In order to promote the integrated development of finance, science and technology and industry, combined with the actual situation of Jinan, the Implementation Opinions put forward several innovative measures in five aspects, including giving full play to the guiding role of industrial funds, innovating and developing supply chain finance, optimizing financial guidance and butler service, building science and innovation financial agglomeration area, and strengthening the empowerment of financial technology.For example, in order to give full play to the guiding and amplifying role of industrial funds, specific measures are proposed to support the pilot area to set up special industrial funds centering on the development of key industries. When the industrial investment fund participates in the equity, the entrepreneurial team can buy back the equity according to the investment principal and the interest of commercial loans in the same period.For example, for key industrial chains and new industrial clusters, special financial counseling teams should be established to integrate financial resources and provide financial counseling services in an efficient manner, and pilot “financial stewardships” should be carried out in science and technology parks, innovation and entrepreneurship communities, incubators and fund towns to comprehensively improve financial services.For example, in order to expand the financial technology industry integration ecosystem, the pilot zone should explore the full coverage of science and technology sub-branches, science and technology guarantee, science and technology small loan, science and technology lease and other institutions.In order to speed up the transaction of factors, the Implementation Opinions put forward five key aspects, including the establishment of a sharing platform for science and technology credit information, the promotion of the construction of a comprehensive service platform for science and technology innovation finance, the improvement of the operation system of intellectual property trading, the establishment of the qilu Science and technology Innovation Board, and the establishment of a listing service base.It is worth mentioning that promoting regional financial cooperation and opening up is not only the explicit requirement of the Overall Plan, but also an important way to develop science and technology finance.Put forward the implementation opinion, should be in under the background of deepening financial opening to the outside world, accelerate the regional financial cooperation and communication, and actively introduce foreign capital, promote the cross-border investment and financing facilitation, explore the unity of local and foreign bank settlement account system, development of Japan and South Korea financial cooperation, strengthen the allocation of resources flow, promote science and technology innovative enterprise cross-border investment and financing convenience.In terms of optimizing the financial ecological environment, the Implementation Opinions mainly involve three aspects: First, in steadily promoting the construction of social credit system, platform support should be strengthened to promote the construction of jinan social credit big data center and government affairs data blockchain platform;Second, in optimizing the financial and business environment, we should focus on building a large protection system for intellectual property rights and solidly promote the construction of financial dispute mediation mechanism to provide a good environment for promoting the development of science and technology innovation finance.Third, in consolidating the foundation of financial security, we need to strengthen the awareness of financial risk prevention, prudently and effectively handle risks, and effectively maintain regional financial stability.In addition, in order to comprehensively promote the construction of the pilot zone and ensure the completion of various reform tasks as scheduled, the Implementation Opinions also put forward targeted mechanisms and measures, namely “nine strengthening”, namely:Strengthen organizational leadership, monetary and credit policy guidance, differentiated supervision, fiscal and tax policy support, talent support, scientific and technological system guarantee, industrial support, publicity guidance, and effect evaluation.(United network reporter Chen Chen) Statement: Reprint this article is for the purpose of passing more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: