To attract, stay, use well, shandong this industry is how to crack the problem of talent

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Qilu Evening News · Qilu One point reporter Zhu Guiyin Zhang Di Tiger Year at the beginning of the Spring Festival, Shandong province put “innovation” as the focus of all work.Scientific and technological innovation is the key to industry progress and enterprise development, and the key to scientific and technological innovation lies in talents.How to cultivate and retain talents and how to speed up the transformation of scientific research?The reporter took shandong textile and garment industry as an example to conduct in-depth interviews.The introduction of scientific research talents, to face competition from all sides from Zaozhuang to Shenzhen, and then from Shenzhen to Zaozhuang.Song Yufei, 29, who has made countless trips back and forth between the two cities for more than three years, returned to Shandong from Shenzhen on Jan 31 because his parents were in poor health.”I work in Shenzhen. My father and mother are in Zaozhuang. I come back several times every year.”Song Yufei looked depressed in front of reporters, “as a graduate student specializing in equipment manufacturing, I especially want to serve my hometown, but many things can not be completed immediately.”After graduate school, Song took a job in her hometown in Shandong province, “mainly engaged in technological research and development of textile equipment.”But the graduate student community keeps getting cases of “go out, make more money, be better than you are now.”So in early 2019, Song also became an employee of a textile machine research and development institute in Shenzhen.”In Shenzhen, the salary has increased, but it has also brought a series of other problems, and it is not easy to feel grounded.””I’m conflicted. My choice of city largely determines my quality of life.Whether to stay in first-tier cities or go back to their hometown should be considered comprehensively.”The reporter learned in the interview, in the introduction and training of scientific research personnel, Shandong textile and garment enterprises are facing various aspects of competition.First of all, we must face the regional talent competition, especially the competition of first-tier big cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.And other relatively high-paying industries competition for creative talent;Third, competition for talents with research institutions, universities and state-owned enterprises, because shandong’s textile and garment enterprises are mainly private enterprises;Fourth, competition with enterprises within the industry. Shandong has a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises in the textile and garment industry, and many head enterprises. The competition within the industry is also fierce in terms of scientific and technological talents.(With a technological breakthrough in nanofiber membrane technology, a company in Shandong province has provided customized protective masks for the Winter Olympics.)At present, the scientific and technological research and development of shandong textile and garment enterprises mainly introduce talents through four ways.The second is to build r&d centers in cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.Third, cooperate with colleges and universities to form the integration of production, education and research;The fourth is to cooperate with provincial and national research institutions.In the interview, the reporter also learned that there are certain contradictions in the talent structure of shandong textile and garment industry, and there are not many talents who really engage in research and development.”The introduction of talents is only the first step, but more important is to optimize the supporting facilities and retain talents for a long time.We have set up kindergartens, primary schools and vocational schools for the children of our employees, so that more people are willing to put down roots and cultivate technical talents needed by our enterprises.”A shandong textile enterprise director said, compared with some Internet companies, financial companies, textile and garment industry pay relatively lower, but the enterprise to get their children’s education, medical treatment, promotion channels work life form a complete set such as well, reduce staff trouble back at home, sit still for science and technology talents, walk, to hold to do scientific research and innovation.”Of course, there is a phenomenon in the process of actual work should also attract our attention, research and development talents, senior technicians and clothing designers training cycle is relatively long, some need years of learning and training, which makes some young people back.In fact, it’s not because of these young talents, it’s because we don’t give them more hope in the industry and make them have full confidence in their major.”The chief said.How to cultivate our own scientific and technological talents and inspire confidence in scientific research?Weiqiao Institute of Advanced Technology came into being.Zhang Bo, chairman of Weiqiao Entrepreneurship Group, said that the establishment of Weiqiao Advanced Technology Research Institute has two original intentions: one is that with the development of The Times, the connotation of entrepreneurship for the country is constantly enriched, hoping that through this mechanism more people respect scientists, respect scientific and technological achievements, and make practical contributions to the country and the local;2 it is their own development needs to introduce talents, training talents, needs to absorb new technology, develop new business, but this is not achieved overnight, need to cooperate with the depth of the research institutes to carry out the continuous and need widely cooperate with industrial strength, innovation power, the need to establish a new type of integrated platform, can carry at the same time made in science and education and multi-dimensional function.Zhou Jiesheng and Song Yufei have the same ambivalence, but the difference is that Zhou Jiesheng has a clothing enterprise, “the enterprise is not large, mainly for some large enterprises to do OEM and processing, life barely get by.”Zhou Jiesheng’s clothing company is far better than “barely passable”, “enterprise development, can no longer use the original thinking forward, enterprises want to have a good future, there must be scientific research and technological innovation, but this is our short board.”What kind of students to train, what kind of research and development and technological innovation to do, and how to seamlessly connect with enterprises, all these troubles me and my colleagues all day long.”As an associate professor, Chen Chong majored in textile and garment industry. “Shandong’s textile and garment industry is relatively important in China, especially some leading enterprises, which are among the top in the world.””So the leading textile and garment enterprises in Shandong have cooperated with top universities and research institutions in China, while the large number of small and medium-sized enterprises have become their weak spot in terms of importing scientific and technological talents,” Chen said.In addition to the head also need to waist colleges and research institutions and small and medium-sized enterprises organic combination.We don’t just need top scientists, we need vocational schools and technicians, we need basic RESEARCH and innovation so that the industry can really reach a high level.””Can universities, research centers and multiple enterprises conduct in-depth cooperation, such as seeking rapid transformation of achievements in new fiber fabric materials and docking with the market in advance?Can there be a shared R&D center where small and medium enterprises like us can share r&d achievements?”This can shorten the transformation cycle, achieve collaborative innovation, and build a high-level scientific research and innovation team with the full participation of enterprises, Zhou said.Scientific research achievements are not out of step with the market, and the problem of scientific and technological talents faced by small and medium-sized enterprises is well solved.Zhou Jiesheng’s idea has already been practiced.”We built our R&D centers in many cities outside the province, which greatly enhanced our r&d capabilities.”Li mengli’s clothing company is based in Qingdao, and the company’s “talent strategy” is to participate in the establishment of shared research and development centers in Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hangzhou.”Talent development is stable, but this model sometimes takes r&d away from on-site production and increases communication costs, which still needs to be further optimized.”