What TV series character is Feng Liwei

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Feng Liwei is the leading actor in the TV drama China Peacekeeping Police.The drama is a police drama starring Miao Pu, Wang Luoyong, Kou Zhenhai, Zhao Yansong and others. It mainly tells the story of China’s first dispatch of peacekeeping police to intervene in international security events, and always revolves around the plot of terrorist organizations.Feng Liwei is a patrol of baali wave, as a result of outstanding performance in the army, let French policewoman Charlotte admire him, and boldly expressed his feelings, but Feng Liwei dodge not as good as.Jerry is jealous of Feng Liwei, the New York police chief who loves Charlotte secretly, and finds fault in all aspects.In order to complete the task, he and Charlotte pretend to be lovers to attract criminals, and then they pretend to be real.Zhou Jing is a brave and skillful modern policewoman who is good at fighting. Later, she becomes the guardian spirit of women in The Bakley Mountains. She specializes in dealing with men who are involved in domestic violence.Shao Guodong, a good friend of Feng Liwei, was selected in the peacekeeping police selection exam and was assigned to be a patrol officer in the Baalit Mountains together with Feng Liwei.Later, he was appointed deputy director general of the headquarters and chief of criminal investigation.After his stint as a peacekeeper, he returned to the public Security Bureau and was promoted to head of the bureau due to his outstanding performance in the maintenance mission.”China Peacekeeping Police” is the first TV series in China to reflect the life of Chinese peacekeeping police. It shows the growth of China’s first peacekeeping police force, starting from the strict and brutal screening by the United Nations.In the face of harsh living conditions, frequent terrorist incidents and rampant dark forces, peacekeeping police have demonstrated their unique skills, great wisdom and courage, and created a number of heroic images with distinctive personalities that are vital to life and death.