Changyuan: Brightly decorated streetscape fire tree silver flowers to welcome the New Year

2022-07-18 0 By

Lanterns are hung high, and the Spring Festival, the traditional festival of the Chinese nation, is coming.The main streets and public places of the city are decorated with beautiful lanterns, which make the city beautiful and create a strong flavor of the New Year to welcome the arrival of the New Year.As night falls, the lights come on, and the city is already bright, neon flashing, everywhere permeated with a festive atmosphere.Time overflow light, as if to the whole city covered with beautiful clothes, people linger.Changyuan is even more magnificent at night. The beautiful high-rise buildings and the busy traffic on the road reflect the hustle and bustle of the city everywhere, bursting with fashion and vitality, and highlighting the charm of the city.Red represents auspiciousness and jubilation.In some of the main streets of the city, red national flags, Chinese knots, lanterns and other landscape lights are hung on both sides, meaning blessing and spring, the winding streets look like a long “fire dragon” from afar, full of flavor of the New Year.In the big wide highway, greeted by colorful lights, welcome every old home, pleasing to the eye;In Hongli Avenue, the colorful lights on both sides of the building make people linger on and forget to return. The big “fu” also adds joy and vitality to the festival.In the night, squares, streets and trees are decorated with colorful lights. All kinds of lights are colorful, forming the charming scene of fire tree and silver flower. The beauty is magnificent, becoming a beautiful scenery line, adding a rich flavor of the New Year to our city.Yinhu spring farewell, the city lanterns 闹 New Year.Spring lighting, not only enrich the cultural connotation of our city, but also better show the unique charm of our city, foil out of the Spring Festival in a happy and peaceful scene.Not only let the citizens feel the thick atmosphere of the Spring Festival, but also let the people have more happiness, a sense of gain.