In fact, you can feel the warmth of summer by soaking in hot springs

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In the cold winter, the yearning for warmth makes people want to go back to summer. In fact, they can feel the warmth of summer by soaking in hot springs.In the winter of rampant epidemic, frequent fog and haze, the arrival of winter, bathing in hot springs has become a popular choice, not only can reduce physical fatigue, but also relieve mental pressure, especially for people living and working in the city, it is a good way to both leisure and health.But with the continuous warming of “hot spring warm economy” around the country, now the concept of hot spring has been “generalized”, some fake hot spring also began to confuse the public and make up the number, causing a great loss to consumers.Take the common sulfur temperature.
Soaking in artificial sulfur hot springs can easily cause dry skin.If you constantly rub, the skin’s protective layer is seriously damaged, and it will become more dry and itchy.”Even people with poor skin fundamentals, such as those who are allergic, can develop dermatitis sclerosa, which is a skin rash that causes infection when scratched, leading to folliculitis, which is quite common clinically.”The winter climate itself is relatively dry, ordinary people spend a long time in artificial hot springs.Can cause problems with hot spring disease.If you want to avoid hot spring disease, you should try to go to a high star hot spring, Beitang Hot Spring Resort hotel is a real hot spring, and contains 16 kinds of minerals alkaline hot spring.