“Made in Tianjin” added luster to the Winter Olympics: tax preferential policies gave full support to enterprises’ independent innovation

2022-07-18 0 By

The ongoing Beijing Winter Olympics is not only an arena for athletes, but also a stage for “Made in China” to shine.Among the scientific and technological forces serving the Winter Olympic Games are a number of Tianjin enterprises such as Tiandi Weiye and Schneider Wangao.Behind them, there are tianjin tax and other departments of the full support.Tiandi Weiye, a technology company based in Tianjin, has provided intelligent transportation support for the Olympic Games.The product environmental protection bayonot independently developed by the enterprise is the off-site law enforcement equipment for the special lanes of the Winter Olympics. It can detect and capture illegal vehicles during the law enforcement at night, and will not be affected by the explosion and flash to the driver.The company also installed more than 100 illegal parking balls in the Beijing Winter Olympics Park, effectively solving the problems of complex surrounding traffic scenes and multiple illegal types.From a small private enterprise to an industry leader, good policy support and a high-quality business environment are indispensable. Dai Lin, Chairman of TiANDI Weiye, said:”Last year, the tax policy was clarified, and the proportion of additional deduction for enterprise R&D expenses was increased from 75% to 100%. Tianjin tax department immediately made a video explaining this and provided us with detailed online policy guidance and personal services.Last year, we enjoyed more than 37 million yuan in tax and fee cuts, which is a very rewarding experience.”As the saying goes, zhangbei wind blows from spring to winter.The wind in Zhangbei will be converted into green electricity, which will be transmitted to 26 venues and three competition areas of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, making 100% green electricity supply for this Winter Olympic Games in history.As the “wind guardian” behind, The new generation of domestic computing platform of Zhongke Shuguang provides powerful computing power support for Zhangbei Electric Power.Zhongke Shuguang has increased its investment in independent r&d for many years in a row, and the percentage of additional deduction for enterprise R&D expense has increased by more than 16% in the past three years.Weng Qinan, chief financial officer of the enterprise, said that the company has formed a virtuous cycle of r&d investment, product upgrading, enjoying tax benefits to increase investment, and the national tax benefits policy provides a steady stream of power for its independent innovation.The double power automatic switch produced by Schneider Wanko (Tianjin) Electric Equipment Co., Ltd. provides power supply guarantee for the national speed skating “Ice Ribbon”.This automatic switching switch can automatically switch to the standby power supply in case of power failure, which is a key part to ensure the continuous operation of the stadium power.The company was also impressed by tianjin’s warm tax services.The bulk logistics of Schneider Vanco mainly take land freight. Due to the outbreak of local epidemic in Tianjin some time ago, the freight was suspended or delayed.To maintain credibility, companies plan to use SF Logistics, but costs have soared.Tianjin High-tech Zone tax bureau after understanding the situation, sorting out tax preferential policies for the enterprise, found a tax refund.With the cooperation of relevant departments, the application process was completed in only 2 working days, and the tax refund of more than 3.9 million yuan was quickly transferred to the account of the enterprise.(Reporter Yue Fuyu correspondent Sun Xiaobin)