Pinghu: multiple measures to strengthen supervision to promote consumption upgrade

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“This coupon is quite affordable, I bought several books for my children, a total of 150 yuan, with the coupon scan code payment directly reduced 50 yuan…”Recently, living in Pinghu City Donghu community of citizens Mr. Li through the online platform to receive and use the Pinghu City people’s government issued after the consumption voucher, which was praised.To give full play to the basic role of consumption to economic growth, promote the consumer market gear upgrades, since this year, pinghu discipline inspection at all levels have organized consumption activities, cultivating new peg, optimization of business environment, etc., give full play to the supervision and security implementation, promote the perfect development, provide strong supervision and guarantee for economic growth,We helped get the first quarter off to a good start.Since February, Pinghu has carried out the “Consumption promotion month” activity in the whole city, focusing on the five sectors of consumption voucher issuance, car carnival, business circle linkage, e-commerce consumption festival, culture and tourism promotion consumption, with nearly 20 million yuan of investment. There are many participating enterprises, a wide range of activities, and a large amount of investment.To this end, the city commission for discipline inspection city supervision appointed in the seventh discipline inspection group to carry out supervision, the whole process to follow up activities, in order to supervise the promotion of consumption, benefit the masses, warm merchants.On the one hand, in the seventh disciplinary watchdog group through don’t say “hello”, straight line, in-depth shopping malls, restaurants, supermarkets and other activities area, through field to view, visit discussion, for investigations, master the activities of first-hand information, found that the problem timely feedback and urged by the competent department to carry out the rectification, ensure orderly “consumption promoting month”;On the other hand, it promoted the introduction and implementation of all kinds of preferential policies, urged the Municipal Bureau of Commerce to issue consumption vouchers, mainly covering catering, accommodation, retail and other industries, held car carnival activities, granted car purchase subsidies of 4 million yuan in installments, and launched e-commerce enterprises to participate in all kinds of large-scale online consumption activities.Promote pinghu bad eggs, down jackets, bags and other local quality products to “go out”.”In Pinghu, shopping is very convenient, there are many preferential activities in the mall, and the government also issued consumption vouchers, which make me feel that life is delicious, safe and affordable.”From Fujian quanzhou in the flat workers Lin mou said.Only by adapting to the new situation, focusing on new areas, broadening new horizons, and implementing precise and effective supervision can we better solve problems and boost consumption.Pinghu city commission for discipline inspection, supervisor appointed ambassador to the sixth disciplinary watchdog group to supervise the text brigade give play to the resource advantage of local history and culture and promote the south river head of historical and cultural blocks, tunnel Dai new tour consumption projects, such as characteristic commercial street building culture, tourism, consumption closer integration features scenarios, using precise supervision to “travel + consumption” new pattern.A sound business environment is an important focus for boosting domestic demand and consumption.Pinghu Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection dispatched the First Discipline Inspection Group to carry out daily supervision around the work goal of optimizing the business environment and promoting consumption upgrading, and urged the municipal Development and Reform Bureau, the supervising unit, to play the overall coordination function, and issued a business environment construction plan, a list of key tasks and a package of preferential policies to help enterprises expand domestic demand.We will continue to improve the content of the “10+N” initiatives to facilitate business environment, turn the “soft power” of the business environment into the “hard driving force” of high-quality economic development, and ensure that businesses enjoy the benefits of policies.”Promoting consumption upgrading is inseparable from the supervision and protection of the discipline inspection and supervision organs.We will further carry out scientific, precise, prudent and effective oversight to help stimulate consumer enthusiasm, boost consumer confidence, improve the consumer environment and bring about a more positive market.”Pinghu City discipline inspection commission city supervision committee concerned person in charge said.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: