Spring Walking grass-roots | Qi Baojun: Wearing flame blue, New Year’s Eve to protect thousands of peace

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On January 31, 2022, national years (the year of the ox) at nine o ‘clock last night, Beijing daxing district three sheep fire rescue fire fighting and rescue team standing still brightly lit, political instructor JiBaoJun and his colleagues completed the fire inspection work of a day, back to the aid station continues to hold position, ready to dispose of all sorts of abrupt.When Qi Baojun introduced the New Year’s Eve work to the reporter of “Legal Person”, suddenly the alarm bell rang loudly, and the whole fire station echoed with the broadcast: “You have a new dispatch order, please pay attention to check.”When Qi Baojun and his colleagues heard this, they immediately put on their fire fighting clothes, gathered quickly and ran to the garage.It took less than a minute from the alarm to departure.A firefighting worker checks the fire situation in Sanyang fire rescue station in East China’s Fujian Province, Jan. 31, 2019.”Fire and rescue personnel from Sanyang Fire and Rescue Station have arrived at the scene.”The report came over the intercom, and the people at the station waited anxiously in the telephone room. No one spoke and there was silence.A fire rescue vehicle is seen in Sanyang fire rescue station on Jan. 31, 2019.Fire brigade captain Li Zhongyang told reporters: “before arriving at the site, no one knows the specific situation of the fire, every fire and rescue workers for us are family, they face danger at the rescue site, we are very nervous.”Twenty minutes later, the communication support team started to move again with the sound of “back to the line” coming out of the intercom.Three sheep in the morning on February 1, fire rescue station fire rescue team a fire brigade in daxing district office is located in the three sheep fire rescue station, district is located in chaoyang district, fengtai and daxing district, east to ready the border town ShaWo store in langfang city, hebei province, west fengtai district and street, south to settle town big canal village (LiXian Town), and chaoyang district on the north township, adjacent to the little red doorIt covers an area of 304 square kilometers and has six administrative towns with a permanent population of nearly 300,000.In addition, there are several highways and large industrial parks in the area, the rescue and fire prevention work is relatively complex.In 2022, Qi Baojun has been engaged in fire rescue work for 14 years. It is normal for him and his teammates to stick to their posts during the Spring Festival.”My teammates and I are on duty 24 hours a day every New Year’s Eve.”Qi baojun has no complaints about not being able to go home to reunite with his family during Spring Festival.”There are many risks in the rescue operation, but it is worth everything we do to keep our people safe and protect them.Fortunately, the city banned fireworks this year, the police situation is less than in previous years.At 1 am on February 1, many people in the lights are out and need three sheep fire rescue team, the players are still on the job, the whole country celebrating this gathering JiBaoJun moment in flame blue uniform with Beijing all fire rescue personnel s home silently for you to fight in a line to ensure that the people safe New Year:Beijing Fire All-media Center Editor: Zhang Xianlei Review: Liu Chao Source: Rule of Law Daily