State Council: accelerate the development of e-commerce in rural areas standardize the development of webcast with goods

2022-07-18 0 By

The State Council issued the plan for promoting agricultural and rural modernization during the 14th Five-Year Plan Period on Monday.The plan proposes to accelerate the development of rural e-commerce.We will expand the coverage of e-commerce in rural areas, speed up the development of rural e-commerce players, and guide e-commerce, logistics, commerce, finance, supply and marketing, postal services, express delivery and other market players to rural areas.At the same time, we will further promote the “Internet plus” project to move agricultural products out of villages and into cities, optimize the functions of rural e-commerce public service centers, standardize and guide the development of online live streaming with goods, implement the “digital business to promote agriculture”, promote the digital transformation and intelligent upgrading of rural e-commerce infrastructure, and build online brands of agricultural products.The plan points out that the implementation of rural consumption promotion action.We will encourage areas where conditions permit to launch a campaign to upgrade rural home appliances, subsidize the use of furniture and home furnishings in rural areas, and launch a new round of vehicles to promote the upgrading of durable consumer goods for rural residents.We will improve infrastructure for charging and replacing electricity in county towns and central towns.We will support the expansion of new forms and models of consumption, such as online shopping and mobile payment, into rural areas to increase rural residents’ willingness to spend.The plan also calls for the development of new service industries in rural areas.We will actively develop producer services, and guide market entities in storage and logistics, facility leasing, marketing, and information consulting to extend service outlets to rural areas.We will expand consumer services, and upgrade rural consumer services such as catering and accommodation, retail and super retail, electrical appliance maintenance, renewable resource recycling, elderly care, sanitation and cleaning, and cultural performances.>>> Click “Read the original text” to view the “14th Five-year plan” to promote agricultural and rural modernization planning full text ◆◆◆