“My eyes are rulers!”Why does everyone love Wang Meng

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If you don’t know Wang Meng by now, the Internet speed must be bad.Wang Meng, a girl from northeast China, demonstrated her strong “ruling ability” in the event commentary circle.On the night of Feb 5, Wang Meng and the Chinese short track speed skating team jumped on the hot search list together with the “first gold medal”.Her “front talk” explanation is too much.Introduce Italian athletes, “oh, she can be fierce ah, participated in several Winter Olympics, and then skated again skated again skated again skated again went home and gave birth to a few children, came back, oh, skated faster than before!”Comment on the Turkish players false start, “What performance is this Turkish players?I guess a shot and a picture in front of the whole world….”When Wu Dajing finally crossed the line with a slight advantage, Wang Meng shouted, “My eyes are rulers. I tell you, I will win!”As a partner, huang Jianxiang, perhaps one of the most articulate commentators in the country, went from trying to control the stage to whispering and then becoming “the straight man” in just a dozen minutes.The video of Wang Meng participating in the competition and variety show was widely broadcast on various apps, and many people were surprised: Good guy!I can’t believe we have a treasure girl.Many ice sports fans are not convinced: this is Wang Meng!She won the women’s 500-meter short track speed skating gold medal at the 2006 Turin Olympics and three gold MEDALS in the 500-meter, 1,000-meter and 3,000-meter relays at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. She remains China’s most decorated winter Olympian.In the past, in addition to the famous scene on the podium, Wang Meng has also been involved in controversy for many times, such as the public “challenge” coach, and the conflict with the team leader, but several setbacks, a lot of criticism, but she did not let her personality, give up the ego.For example, she beat the table and shouted: “China’s first gold was born. What did I tell you? Our first gold was born on February 5th today.”The skaters were on the penultimate lap, and competitive sports were changing so quickly that there was no final decision until the last second.Wang Meng dared to say so, in addition to the experience of intuition and professional judgment based on, more reveals a true temperament — in frustration and misunderstanding has never learned “good”, still open to show others true colors.That’s exactly why we like her.Accustomed to too much “emotional intelligence”, I have learned to leave room for what I say, to do things in a measured way, and to be a balanced person. Wang Meng’s thorough and pure body is like a lightning bolt tearing through the hot summer air, which makes many people see the outspoken and unrestrained self many years ago.”Greasy” is condemned, because everyone’s heart longs to be a teenager.Both brave to rush, but also can withdraw without regret, both the enthusiasm to infect others, but also retain the sensitivity to be infected, both brave to be yourself, but also tolerate others to be yourself.Isn’t Wang Meng like this?She is like a little sun, with light in her eyes and no dark and dumb spirit. She does not wrap herself firmly with routines and words. This truth brings people not only happy jokes and silly expressions, but also courage and strength.Of course, only absolute strength can protect absolute personality.When she trained, she was a “brute,” pushing limits in order to achieve crushing strength, “so that no country could keep up with me and you couldn’t even see my ass.”There’s a teenager in everyone.As long as enough focus, enough hard work, enough tenacious, will be able to cast the strength of the sword, the young forever protect in the heart, do a lovely refreshing full of power!Thank you, Wang Meng, for showing us the possibility of being a teenager.Tell us about your most boyish moment in the comments section.Source: CCTV net, Xiaoxiang Morning Post statement: copyright belongs to the original all, reprint this article is for the purpose of passing more information.If there is a source marked wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact this network, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.