Old leopard King | from county literature rivers and lakes analysis why this “lake” can not get “big fish quality fish”

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In the county literary circle, many writers have published books and biographies in recent years.This is a fact that should be affirmed.But from the book block times and literature quality, mostly general reading.Not to mention influence.Not only in the whole country, but also in the small county where the author lives, few people watch it.Of course, the book was great for the individual author, and “makes a few arctic hits” both internally and externally.But the overall level is at the bottom.In the past ten years, some literati in county or provincial boundaries, lacking in literary foundation and eager for “quick success and instant profits”, have pursued the trend of “not enough poetry books”. The quality of Chinese poetry culture has been greatly reduced and the reputation of “poetry and poetry” has been ruined.There are only dozens of “intellectuals” in a county, and their exclusivity is deeply rooted.Circle “family style” does not allow foreign writers to “make waves” here, seize the opportunity to fight, hit this territory.For example, Lao Bao Wang, a writer from Xinjiang province, attacked him and drove him out after he did not like the title of a small article.In fact, Lao Bao Wang was a member of a provincial and autonomous region writers association in 82.He was a member of a provincial and autonomous poetry society in 1987.Don’t look at the border of the three provinces, the three provinces of Qin, Jin and Henan literary style edified and generous and inclusive strong small county-level city.Because in this small county lived and worked, in order to repay the kindness of the psychology of writing so a few small articles, and was attacked by the “small ruffian”.It’s not worth it.Inclusiveness is the best tool to improve the culture and literature of a county.A county is covered by the following circles, that is, the social governance controlled by hundreds of officials at the official level and above.Dozens of “quacks” manage civil disputes and resolve conflicts, because official solutions are sometimes “incomplete “;The circle of culture, literature and art controlled by dozens of so-called “literati” in the educational circle, with domineer style and petty style, is also a small government office known as “literary life” and an “indispensable” place.In the current social stage, most of them are also responsible for “weddings and funerals”, but in the election of village cadres, “the power is high and the words are heavy”.Basically, county states are about the same.Let’s focus on literature.Literary works are people’s spiritual food, she plays a positive role in making people, the quality of its literary works is people to improve the spiritual realm of the only “medicine”.The field of culture, literature and art is also a field in which “a hundred flowers bloom and a hundred schools of thought contend”. If it is controlled as “one speech” and “one family talk”, it violates the purpose of literature.Literary works originate from life, and life is the “soul” of literary works.She should not have had anything to do with “support control”, but the literary circles in the county area made great efforts to make it “administrative”.The business itself should be “professionals in charge of professionals”, but now it is “amateurs in charge of professionals”.You refuse to obey?If you don’t obey, you have to obey.The literary circle of the county is a small river’s lake.There are wharves (writers’ association), brick removers (members).Under normal conditions, they are complacent, residual, beautiful name: stick to the literary ground.The ancients said: literary people are light.This has been the case for thousands of years.Without impact, these people would fight each other, undermine each other, despise each other.Sometimes a member would publish a “pamphlet” and someone would hold a “seminar” to brag about it.Down comes the cold wind, a series of “scorn”.The comprehensive reflection of the literary wharf in the county area is to maintain the internal unity which is not tunable and not true.Without outside, continue to “wouli dou”, but the fight of the literati than the rough more invisible more implicit just.You’re a friend, you turn around, you get stabbed.Nowadays, “pseudo-literature” is flooding the Chinese literary circle.County literary circle even more.Literary works do not pay attention to quality. A group of literati stare at others’ articles and “dig deep into eggs”. In their eyes, good literary works are “political correctness” and “slogan first”.In fact, literature is a professional and unique field. Only by going deep into life and understanding life can we produce good works.Throughout the Chinese literary world, no one has made his fortune from the “original environment”, because once you show signs of “upward”, “bricks will be slapped”, and you will not be allowed to “show up” in the local literary circle.If you’re a local writer, don’t even think about it.”Pseudo – literature is rampant in the county text circle, and local literary protectionism plays a strong role in it.If things go on like this, the county literature will not be written, and it will be harder to come up with excellent literary works than to ascend the sky and pick the moon.Literature is Chinese.It’s also the world.Literature should be the spiritual product of human civilization without county boundaries, domain boundaries and national boundaries.The reason why the masterpieces of the world can endure for so long is that their literary brilliance is recognized by all mankind.””Constrained literature” can only be called characters.There’s no “spiritual nourishment” in it.Finally, advised to concentrate with all day in the article to others “carping about the so-called” county literature circle of people, those who have the kung fu not visit to read more books, more practicing writing, to explore more in-depth life, literary accomplishment, make great efforts to improve your literature class, bring out a few social influence, is the “civil right”.Otherwise, in the county literary circle you thrash through life, is also in this small literary river’s lake sweltering waves beat water, forever this grade and not literature promotion, let alone literature beyond.About the author: Veteran journalist and writer.Chairman and CEO of Lao Bao Wang Culture Co., LTD., Chairman of the Board of Directors of Lao Bao Wang Technology Co., LTD., Secretary of the Party Group and president of Daqin Huashan College of Literature, etc.Old leopard Wang Zuopin exhibit, click on the following reading: theory of the old king leopard card post another TV play writing ABC “old leopard Wang Jianghu gossip another” sex and life “old leopard Wang Jianghu gossip: one of” the dog day runescape “/ / Liu Yidong old leopard works (5) of the king of the king of leopard surround furnace scattered heritage of the four” three river fish sink “old leopard Wang Jianghu gossip # 3” said, “people”, “the old king cheetah:Literature will be eternal manuscripts original first email 3182529240@qq.com