On New Year’s Eve, a woman drove her husband and mother-in-law onto a highway in Guangdong province and drove off with their children

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American Carnegie once said, in the road of life can humble three points, that is, can be wide, eliminate all difficulties, remove all entanglements.In real life, mother-in-law and daughter-in-law conflict, disagreement, both sides always refuse to compromise a step, so that the end of the feud intensified.Every family has a difficult to read, outsiders can only look at the surface, in fact, what is like, only oneself know.In Shaoguan, Guangdong province, the wife of a car owner sighed: “This woman is really ruthless!”According to the wife of the car owner, she and her husband met a mother and son on the highway. The elderly man and the son seemed to be middle-aged, so they could not go home and had to turn to passing cars.Kindly, the client decided to send the mother and daughter home, approached to inquire about the situation, the original middle-aged man’s wife with eight months of children drove away, leaving her husband and mother-in-law, put it on the highway, and finally left.Mother and child are very helpless, can only stare, the family celebrate the day of reunion, did not feel full of warmth, but also experienced the taste of being abandoned, the in the mind is really bad.From what they said, there was an irreconcilable conflict.The woman was pushed, or a woman wouldn’t just leave her family on the highway on such an important day.Because once done, it means that the relationship is very likely to break, leaving bad feelings in the heart, other people’s housework, outsiders are not probing, the good Samaritan did not ask, so let her husband to send them to a safe place, and then leave.Sex change, it’s right, right?I do not dare to do what I dare not to do, but I am soft.Once I saw such a news on the Internet, the husband and his wife quarrel, in a fit of anger threw his wife on the highway, let her go home, netizens have fried pot, angrily criticized the husband unfeeling.Sure enough, the change of gender changed the style of painting.Objectively speaking, we don’t get into the question of who’s right and who’s wrong about other people’s domestic affairs, just whether it’s ok to “leave your husband and mother-in-law on the highway.”Obviously, the woman’s approach is wrong, she did not consider for themselves, once the accident responsibility can not bear, fortunately, it is met with a good Samaritan, otherwise I do not know two people can go home for the last year.For the middle-aged man and the elderly, the author can only say “cause must have consequences”, maybe the woman is really angry, no matter what should not capricious impulse, after all, this is a dangerous move, in case of accidents, it is too late to regret.Life may be difficult, but we can always choose to be the master of our emotions, rather than being controlled by them.The greatest disaster in a family is the loss of peace. If I were husband, I would remember everything that happened today.Either, go home and make a mess, or, hold back not to say, maybe in the near future to quarrel again, conflict erupts, old scores are brought up together.So it’s not “cool” to abandon your family on the highway, regardless of gender.Encounter, good to solve, do not want to solve, temporarily stranded, until the emotional stability to solve, can not break the pot broken, this is not to endure humiliation, but in order to let their calm control emotions, for more things.Compared with a quarrel, both sides lose, I hope they can put aside their grudges and talk and laugh with their loved ones in the days of reunion. After all, home is a place of love.