Southwest mountain village “new citizen” new residence New Year

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Guiyang, February 3, Xinhua News Agency (reporter Li Fan, Luo Fei)”Small bamboo board, knock loudly…Unite as one and work hard, splendid tomorrow is more beautiful!”With an allegro in hand and a straight figure, luo Guangxian, 66, smiled broadly as he and several of his neighbors performed enthusiastically in the square.This is luo guangxian’s third Spring Festival in Qianxi city, Guizhou province, the largest resettlement site for poverty alleviation.Their allegro rhythms and loud voices won applause from the crowd.Luo guangxian said: “Although it is an allegro performance, it is all from the heart. The good policy of relocating poor people has brought us a better life.”The Splendid Flower City brings together nearly 18,000 people from 4044 households in 24 towns and villages of Qianxi City. The community will hold colorful New Year’s custom activities on major festivals to make these “new citizens” who have moved out of the mountains feel the thick festive atmosphere.In Qianxi city, Guizhou Province, the largest resettlement site for poverty alleviation in inhospitable areas, “Splendid Flower City”, in addition to holding a variety of folk activities to welcome the Spring Festival, the local street office also organized a job fair for returnees to help them find stable jobs.”Compared with living in a mountain nest, the housing conditions and living environment in the relocation site are better, and supporting facilities such as schools and hospitals are also perfect.”Luo guangxian said that community cadres often organize activities, and the displaced people are the “leading role.”Just as Luo Guangxian said, almost all the cultural programs on the square are written, directed and performed by the relocated people.About a meter long bamboo stick, wrapped with ribbons, pierced with small holes at both ends and fringed with tassels at one end, became a prop for the performance of the relocated people — “money stick”.During the performance, people kept turning the “money sticks” up and down, and from time to time hitting the limbs with the sticks, the embedded copper coins jingled.Participating in the performance of moving xiong Xinlan skilled movement, strong expression.”I didn’t expect to learn how to hit the ‘money stick’ from an old man, but now it can still come in handy.”The neighbors rehearsed performances together, she said, bringing each other closer and bonding.In the middle of the square, singing and dancing performances are very lively.On both sides of the square, community cadres and residents around the fire is flourishing simple hearth, together with dumplings, steamed glutinous rice……Local residents celebrate the Spring Festival with glutinous rice cakes at “Splendid Flower City”, the largest resettlement site for poverty alleviation in Qianxi city, Guizhou Province.Xinhua News Agency reporter Li Fan photo ha-qi frosty winter, eating steaming dumplings, warm in the heart.Yue Zhongyu, 65, of the Bai ethnic group, said the community is like a big warm family.Hot glutinous rice balls here, hot glutinous rice cakes there.Zi ba is a physical work, we take turns to relay, play together sweet glutinous soft glutinous rice ba.”When everyone gets wood, the flame is high. We have a common zi ba, which means more different.”Splendid street organization member Li Ping said.Writing Spring Festival couplets, singing and dancing…Rich and colorful year custom activities again and again ignited the relocation of the masses to participate in the enthusiasm.The people in miao, Yi and other ethnic costumes gathered on the square, holding hands and forming a circle to sing and dance. The square was like a sea of songs and dances.In addition to the lively folk activities, the street office also organized a job fair for returnees, inviting 20 enterprises and 4 human resources service agencies to organize on-site recruitment, providing 240 jobs for the relocated people.Yang hongwen, 42, walked around the job fair and finally chose a local company and filled out a registration form.”I am doing odd jobs near my home. I have two elderly people and two children at home. After this Spring Festival, I want to find a stable job nearby to take care of my family.”