The man on the field won the gold and the man off the field kept his eyes on the monitor

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Xu Mengtao of China won the fifth gold medal of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games on February 14 with 108.61 points in the women’s freestyle skiing aerials final.At this time, outside the Winter Olympics venue, State Grid Hubei Electric Power Beijing Winter Olympics support changping power distribution team, in the face of a new round of cold wave to carry out safety inspection, to ensure the power supply of important places during the Winter Olympics.At 8 o ‘clock in the morning, Wang Bo, deputy leader of changping power distribution team of Beijing Winter Olympics support and support of State Grid Hubei Electric Power, carefully looked at the monitoring screen in the central control room and closely watched the operation of power equipment and on-site inspections.”The electrical equipment is working fine!Patrol all normal!”After listening to the team’s report, Wang Bo made relevant records in the work notebook.”Never leave the monitor screen” is a true portrayal of Wang Bo’s work during this period.Since participating in the power protection work of the Winter Olympics, Wang Bo has been sticking to the front line of the power protection battlefield of the Winter Olympics, paying attention to the power protection patrol site 24 hours a day, and always on standby, ready to start the emergency power protection plan.Before participating in the Beijing Winter Olympics, Wang bo was awarded the National Advanced Individual in Fighting COVID-19, model Worker of State Grid Co., LTD., Outstanding Communist Party Member of State Grid Co., LTD., wuhan May 1 Labor Medal, etc. He is also the torchbearer of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.”The Torch of The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games is not only a torch, but also a dream, a responsibility and a sense of responsibility. It is not only a flame, but also a spirit and power.In the future work, I will base myself on my post, pursue my dream and motivate myself with the Olympic spirit of Swifter, Higher, Stronger and more united.”In the personal working experience sharing meeting of changping power distribution Team of State Grid Hubei Electric Power Co., LTD for Beijing Winter Olympics held on February 11, Wang Bo enthusiastically shared his experience and feelings of escorting the Winter Olympics again after the tasks of huoshenshan power protection, flood control, fighting against tornadoes, assisting Zheng power protection and military power protection.In the winter Olympics to protect electricity work, Wang Bo will share their personal work experience in the commitment to the actual place.After checking the monitor screen, Wang Carefully sorted out the inspection data of these days and meticulously sorted out the problems found.”With the spirit and strength ignited by the Torch of the Beijing Winter Olympics, I will continue to work hard to protect the reliable electricity supply of the people, and make every effort to contribute to the hosting of a wonderful, extraordinary and excellent Winter Olympics.””Wang Bo said.