Zhou Shen is now a resident guest at various variety shows. What exactly is zhou Shen’s origin?

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I don’t know when Zhou Shen’s entertainment career suddenly took off.He appears in all kinds of variety shows and large parties. Even on the stage of Spring Festival Gala or New Year’s Eve party, almost every TV station has his presence. What is the origin of zhou Shen, such a popular singer?Zhou Shen, 29 years old, graduated from Ukraine Lviv State Lishek Academy of Music Science, is a professional singer.In 2014, she participated in the third season of The Voice of China. In 2015, she participated in the Spring Festival Gala in Beijing. At that time, she was just a little singer.In 2016, Zhou released the song big Fish, which made him famous.With the success of Big Fish & Begonia, Zhoushen has gradually come into the public’s view.From then on, Zhou Shen started the counterattack of life.He was invited and valued by CCTV and participated in many CCTV music programs. His unique voice left an impression on people and they gradually got familiar with the boy who sounded like a girl.In 2017, Zhou Shen took the stage at the New Year’s Eve gala in Jiangsu province.2019, participated in bilibili New Year’s Eve Party, 2020 Hunan, Dragon TV Spring Festival Party, Dragon TV Yuanxiao Party, 2021 CCTV Spring Festival Party, Yuanxiao Party, Jiangsu Spring Festival Party, 2022 Jiangsu New Year’s Eve Party, Oriental, Beijing, Jiangsu, Hunan Spring Festival Party.Stage performance is excellent, low-key don’t play big, the audience love, very popular, such a star which TV station will let go?In the rest of the time, there are numerous activities and variety shows, including 14 pages in Baidu Encyclopedia.From the beginning of the cover of other people’s songs to sing his own works, from the beginning of the small transparent to the household name of the big star, Zhou Shen with his own strength and efforts, conquer all the people who question him.From the rookie of the Year at the beginning to the quality male Singer of the Year now, Zhou Shen has been recognized by professional judges with his professional musical quality.2022 is also a year full of challenges and opportunities for Zhou Shen. I hope he can build on his past achievements and make persistent efforts.For more exciting content, follow jiangnan Entertainment