German navy director loses his job, does he think for Germany?Why the row with Russia over Ukraine

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Welcome to Chengwei International Watch.It is a very unfortunate thing that, these days, the Admiral of the German Navy has lost his office because of one wrong word.What did he say wrong? The former German navy chief, in a previous chat with reporters, said Crimea was a fact and Ukraine could never get it back.He said Russian President Vladimir Putin should be respected, That Ukraine should now stop fighting Russia, and that Germany and Russia should even join forces against other countries.The comments immediately caused a stir, and indeed the situation in Ukraine is very delicate.Russia on the one hand Chen tens of thousands of troops in the Russia-Ukraine border, on the other hand, Russia and the United States and NATO negotiations, Russia asked the United States NATO to give security guarantees.In such a state, all the strings of Europe were strained.Especially in Ukraine, a while ago, the statistics of military service were carried out in Ukraine, and even the statistics of women were included. It is possible that Ukraine feels that its forces are not enough, and it needs universal conscription to fight against Russia.In this state, Ukraine is a small country, can it stand up to Russia? Of course not, so Ukraine is desperate for help from the United States, desperate for help from Europe.At this critical and sensitive time, the German navy chief’s remarks really disappointed Ukraine, given that Germany is the leading country of the European Union. Many people are wondering whether the German navy chief’s remarks are his own personal meaning or the thoughts of many Germans.So after the Ukrainian outcry, the navy director resigned and lost his job because of one statement, but it’s worth looking at.What is Germany’s thinking about Ukraine, Russia in general?Who wants to stand up for Ukraine today?Of course, it is the United States. For the United States, making good use of Ukraine as a pawn can well check and contain Russia, and even play a role in restricting the entire European Union.Why is that?Rendering Ukrainian crisis makes the whole European countries, feel that Russia is too strong, Russia has territorial ambitions to other countries, Russia annexed Ukraine, then these European countries will return to nightmare, as the cold war, in the face of the Soviet union 50000 guns, 50000 tanks, 50000 aircraft, so as long as the hold up on this issue,For a very, very small price, the US can keep Russia in check while continuing to lead all of Europe.But Germany doesn’t see it that way. As far as Germany is concerned, what do I have to do with your Ukraine and Russia drama?Is it any of my business whether those eastern states are independent, Russian, or yours?But the other way round, the German economy and Russia today is has the very strong complementarity, today the whole of Europe in the energy crisis, but winter now, but a lot of German people complaining, could not buy enough of the gas, bought the price is very high also, there are a lot of German people even started chopping wood for cooking, why?Because energy is not enough in Germany, we have said before that Germany stopped thermal power plants and nuclear power plants for environmental protection, and then solar and water energy and wind power are not enough, so Germany has to buy a large amount of natural gas, but from whom?The simplest natural is bought with Russia, the Russian gas giant, and Russia, in order to sell better gas to Germany, at his own expense spent billions of dollars to fix a nord stream 2, I do business services in the door, as long as you pay two money, a steady stream of natural gas transmission to come over, get rid of the energy crisis, you how the best of both worlds.But so far, the new German government has stubbornly refused to open Nord Stream 2. Why?The Americans told him how assertive Russia was, that it was about to attack Ukraine, that it was about to annex it and threaten all of Europe.In such a state, Germany you buy Russian natural gas, you are not the enemy’s behavior?At this stage, you are giving Russia a lot of money to build more weapons to bully Ukraine.In the long run, if you’re addicted to German buying, and your energy supply has been done by Russia for years, aren’t you being held hostage by Russia over energy?Russia can threaten Germany with supply cuts anytime, anywhere. What do you do?Many discouraged in the United States, Germany’s new government has not really open the nord stream no. 2, and as the deterioration of the situation, Russia said, since you don’t open the nord stream no. 2, that means you like on gas is not too care about, is not very need you, just I can reduce my original pipeline supply, anyway, you are not much need for energy,This is worse for Germany in the midst of an energy crisis.Actually was in the era of Angela merkel, Germany and Russia have a good relationship, in the past we talked about ms merkel and Mr Putin has more than ten years of friendship, due to the similar life experiences, the two men are free to use other country’s language, communicating with no obstacles, so that time Germany and Russia relationship is very good,The two countries also really have very large economic complementarities.Since Angela merkel stepped aside, however, the new German government is weak, especially the United States have been rendered the Ukrainian crisis, make Germany more afraid to open the nord stream no. 2, do you want to render in the United States, Russia beat Ukraine right away, how could this crucial time when you need to make endowment enemy behavior, to buy Russian gas?So, in this sense, we can judge that the German navy director’s words may indeed be in his heart, and even represent the thoughts of many people in Germany.You Ukraine and Russia is an originally, why did you two brothers fight to others, especially for the United States to find the opportunity, the u.s.-led NATO enlargement, bully bully in the door, let Russia felt a serious security threat, so Russia said, is not I want to go to Ukraine, but I’d like to have a safety guarantee,I hope you don’t push us too far, don’t go all over Ukraine, don’t put weapons of mass destruction in the former Soviet republics.Russia’s request, in fact, Germany is able to understand, even more critical for Germany, Ukraine, the things you don’t solve one day, the German cannot solve the energy crisis is also a day, so the director of the German navy might be a little nasty, he really wants to persuade Ukraine, Crimea incident that calculate, when it is, after all, Russia to you, take it away,And now why do you want to make this unpleasant with Russia, with your national strength of Ukraine you, you can fight Russia?Rather than this prolonged standoff, which is bad for both sides, it would be better to calm down, have a talk, give a security guarantee, and open Nord Stream 2 as soon as possible so that Germany can solve its energy crisis.But it is clear that such an idea is now politically incorrect.Many people in Germany are desperate to open Nord Stream 2, but not at this stage.