Roman abramovich’s Chelsea finally got together to win the Club World Cup

2022-07-20 0 By

ABU Dhabi, February 13 – Chelsea beat Palmeiras 2-1 to win the Club World Cup last night.1. Sitting in the VVIP box, Abramovich finally collected all the trophies,Corners of the mouth smile hide anymore, it is 2 Roman abramovich after the 2003 acquisition of Chelsea to win the trophy 3, az 21 he quetta to become the only player four Chelsea win all the trophies, luca library header opened the door to win 98.5 million pounds worth finally manifests in the most critical game 5, the harvard who helped Chelsea win the champions league trophyThis time it’s club World Cup 6. Chelsea goalkeeper Mendy becomes champion of Europe, Africa and the world like no other 7. Tuchel ends quarantine and sprints to ABU Dhabi in time for a party 8.Carling cup tie with Liverpool at the end of the month 9, 16 points behind Manchester City in the league but still in contention for the FA Cup and champions League 10, abramovich hugs Tuchel again after the Champions League final Chelsea are no longer more players than managers