Spring Festival gifts, the three “taboo” to remember, the traditional pay attention to not lose, beware of good do bad

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With the Spring Festival approaching, many “wanderers” have already set foot on their way home and are ready to welcome the reunion.So speaking of the Spring Festival, we have to mention the Spring Festival is the most important thing – New Year, that the most little New Year, of course, is the gift!Since ancient times, China has been a “human society”, no matter on festivals, or parties, there are no gifts, in a sense, gifts are the carrier of our human exchanges, so it can be seen that sending gifts is a very important thing!Today, I would like to summarize the three taboos of gift giving, which should be kept in mind.1. Homophonic taboo believe that we have heard since childhood, gifts can not send table, because the table is also known as the “clock”, so homophonic “end” said, is really easy to avoid.The same goes for pears, pronounced the same as “away”;Umbrella, pronounced “loose” and so on.Although people are no longer as sensitive to this aspect as the older generation, if it is a gift for their elders, it is best to avoid this kind of item!2. Color taboo We Chinese New Year, usually red as a festival, so when giving gifts, try to avoid all black, all white or black and white gift box packaging, if you encounter black and white gift box, you can choose platinum, black and red and other colors.This also needs to be taken care of when giving gifts to elders!Since ancient times, there has been a saying that “good things in pairs”, so when we send gifts, we often take double number theory.For example, two bottles of wine, two cartons of milk, two cartons of cigarettes, etc., of course, the total is even.However, it is worth noting that in some places, the number 4 is considered “unlucky” and should be avoided at this time!There has always been a saying in Chinese gift-giving that “the gift is light but the affection is heavy”. That is to say, how we choose a gift is often more important than the gift itself.At the same time, we also have the “reciprocity of gifts” pay attention to, you give a gift, the recipient of the gift is often to return the gift, if the gift is too expensive, for the return gift is also a burden.Giving the right gift is all about giving the person what he or she wants.People at each stage have their own favorite different items, such as children like to play with toys, adults like cigarettes, wine, tea and so on.The gift of children is better solved, the gift of adults wine needs to spend a little thought, take tobacco, wine, tea, smoke and tea to buy usually smoke, often drink can, not the general assembly wrong, but the wine can not be so good to choose.First, drinkers rarely drink just one type of wine, so there are many choices.Secondly, the price span of wine is very large, buy expensive purse can not bear, buy too cheap and lose face, so it is generally recommended to start with 300 yuan of it.If you can’t choose wine, you might as well check out the following 2 pure grain wine.(1) Mutai Houdao wine is produced in Maotai Town sauce wine. With Maotai before it, it is naturally not a representative of Guizhou pie sauce wine, but it still shows the quality of guizhou pie sauce wine.The wine is fragrant and fragrant with fresh and elegant sauce flavor. It is very domineering and has a feeling of thatch fragrance. The wine is mellow and condensed at the entrance, and the feeling of “a line of throat” is very obvious when swallowed.It is brewed by Feng Xiaoning, feng old Maotai factory director Li Xingfa’s apprentice, deep true transmission, very solid skills, such as Feng Lao, now the world only less than ten people!Although the wine is not famous, but the word of mouth is good, cost-effective is also very high, very suitable for people to send love to drink!(2) Jinjiannan K6 typical sichuan style, but different from the soft and sweet of lu Series, its wine body is cold, high hardness, spicy sense is also slightly stronger, to a great extent, showing the warmth of Sichuan.The aroma is gorgeous, the coordination is very good, the entrance is sweet, the layer is rich, very suitable for the wine lovers who love to drink liquor.The red and gold packaging also looks very festive, suitable for occasions like Chinese New Year!If it is similar to the second day of the Chinese New Year to go home this established thing, it is not necessary to make an appointment in advance, but if it is to visit friends, it is best to make an appointment in advance.On the one hand to prevent no one in the home empty run a trip, on the other hand also avoid the host home has hospitality arrangements and abrupt.Of course, every place has its own taboo and exquisite, welcome to add in the comments section.Finally, I hope you can have a happy Reunion!