“Together for the Future” students in The capital welcome the Winter Olympics with books, prints and cartoons

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China News on February 3To welcome the 2022 Olympics in Beijing, further stimulating the enthusiasm of young college students to the Olympic movement, driving more and more people care about, love, and to participate in ice and snow sports, Beijing second institute of foreign languages institute of Japanese comics, elementary education college of capital normal university and Beijing institute jointly launched the “capital university student books, printing, cartoons into the games” the theme works creation activity,The aim is to guide young students to fully understand the significance of the Beijing Winter Olympics, and to express the ambitions and dreams of the Chinese people for the Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics in different forms through the media of books, prints and cartoons.The activity was widely attended by students from universities in the capital. Students used pens and knives to express their aspirations and best wishes for the Winter Olympics, centering on the Core Olympic values of “Excellence, Respect and Friendship” and the themes of world peace, friendship and unity.Promote the Olympic spirit of “solidarity, friendship, fair play and mutual understanding” through books, prints and cartoons.And winter Olympic Games in Beijing is also the important chance to show the national image, rouse national spirit, the young students in the work, into the Chinese culture elements, from the cartoon image, character expression, Olympic Games mascot, Chinese calligraphy, etc., each time the wonderful present, is China’s story to the world, promote the spread of Chinese culture to the world.At present, preparations for the Beijing Winter Olympics have entered the “final sprint” stage, and the atmosphere of the Winter Olympics is increasingly strong.The successful hosting of the Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics will inject new impetus to the peace and progress of mankind and the building of a community with a shared future for mankind. At the same time, it will also give confidence and courage to people around the world to work together to overcome difficulties.The works created will be presented to you through online exhibitions in order to express the enthusiasm of college students in the capital to actively participate in the Winter Olympics, help Beijing, and provide a safe and wonderful Olympic Games for the world, “Together for the future”.Source: Chinanews.com