Does your wife spend valentine’s Day with you?No!

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This article by the cat know your original first, without permission shall not be handled, if found will be investigated.Original is not easy, thank you for understanding.Different from the few days when Qiao jingjing just left, Yu has got used to it. Every day after work, he would go to his parents’ home to pick up Xiao Qiao, and then accompany xiao Qiao and coax him to sleep.Sometimes when Qiao jingjing is not busy, the three of them will also video.Qiao Jingjing for his valentine’s Day to go back to the thing is silent, she learned from the communication and yu Tu these days his work is not particularly busy, their plan can be implemented.In the way as usual, waiting for parents to come over after the unit went to work.A walk to the office to see big Meng different from the state before, but some spring beaming.”Big meng, your state is not quite right!”What discovers big Meng to change is not only in the way or the colleague beside, “your wife is not to go out to work, how are you so excited?”His colleague joked with Big Meng.”Oh, I say you these didn’t get married young, no wife is don’t know the happiness of a wife, my wife went out to work, can’t come back to accompany me to spend a valentine’s day!”Big Meng said proudly that he was not the same this valentine’s Day, he was a wife.The colleague suddenly remembered that big Meng and yu’s wife worked together, so he turned around and asked Yu tu: “Chief Teacher Yu, big Meng’s wife will come back to accompany Big Meng on Valentine’s Day. Isn’t your wife working with her wife? Is she also coming back?””This matter my wife didn’t tell me, she recently work very busy, should be won’t come back.”Yu Tu calmly answered the questions of colleagues.Qiao jingjing did not mention anything when we talked on video last night. According to her personality, if she had come back, she would have told him.So, Qiao Jingjing probably won’t come back.Looking at the face of big Meng, although his face calm, but the bottom of his heart still want to see Qiao Jingjing ah.He’s trying to make it go away, get on with his work and get home to Joe.Evening in the way and Qiao Jingjing video, two people also talked about some trivial things.Qiao jingjing consciously set in motion, said tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, but they still have to separate.Qiao Jingjing deliberately said so, watching the screen side in the way of the expression change.But there was nothing in yu’s expression.After chatting for a while, Qiao jingjing said she was going to bed.Lying on the bed, looking back at qiao Jingjing just now, it seems that someone is going to give yourself a surprise tomorrow.Well, maybe you should surprise her yourself.On Valentine’s Day, Qiao jingjing changed her clothes and went to Shanghai with Xiao Zhu.Qiao jingjing calculated the time, she went home to hug xiao Qiao, and then met yu Tu work, this time is very perfect, but I don’t know whether yu Tu will be surprised to see her.”Jingjing, did you tell Teacher Yu that you went back?”Xiao Zhu could not help but ask Qiao Jingjing.”Of course not. I told you I was going to check up.”Qiao Jingjing looked at Xiao Zhu shrewdly.Xiao Zhu looked at Qiao Jingjing’s expression, could not help but sigh for the way in the bottom of my heart, there is such a clever strange wife is good or bad.Qiao jingjing looked at the scenery outside, she can’t wait to see yu Road.Author’s words: ha ha ha ha, the cat cat early more text can live up to you ~ # you are my honor # “you are my honor” 158: Valentine’s Day to the way to a surprise, by the way check gang?Today is a day for me and my husband to work hard on our career!For more highlights, follow the cat knows what’s on your mind