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The Rockets won a 115-104 home game against the Cavaliers on February 3, Beijing time.The rockets were 15-36 and unlikely to make the playoffs, but a win meant something to the rockets.The Rockets had lost four in a row heading into the game and ended an embarrassing 11-game home losing streak so far this season.Houston no. 2 overall pick Jaylen Green led the rockets with 21 points, five rebounds and five assists on 6-of-13 shooting in 36 minutes, and key post Christian Wood added 21 points, seven rebounds and four assists.And in the starting lineup, the Rockets except for Jayshawn – Tate can have double – digit scoring performance.But alperen Shin had nine points, eight rebounds, three assists and one block on 2-for-4 shooting in 25 minutes while Posting a team-high plus-20 from the bench.With a team-high eight rebounds and a +20 plus-minus performance, it was Arguably Shin’s most prolific statistical performance since entering 2022.What’s more, Shin will have to match up with the likes of Cavs breakout star Evan Mobley, which will be quite a challenge considering the Cavs will also have Jarrett Allen and Kevin Love in this game.The good news is that Shin can actually put up a pretty efficient statistical performance in this game.Shin has actually been putting up productive numbers for most of the season, and his on-court style does resemble nuggets MVP Nikola Jokic’s.Given shin’s consistency so far this season, even if he doesn’t become jokic, the rockets can expect such a young interior man to grow into a poor man’s jokic in the future, and that should be enough to help the rockets rebuild.