Huichuan District: increase supervision and inspection, to eliminate forest fire hazards

2022-07-21 0 By

Since March, the temperature has gradually warmed up, and agricultural activities have increased, leading to the critical period of forest fire prevention.In this regard, huichuan district at all levels and departments to do a solid job in spring forest fire prevention work, to ensure the safety of forest resources and people’s lives and property.On March 10, 10 o ‘clock in the morning, inovance area forest fire prevention supervision inspection team to team jersey town big hom village to carry out the forest fire prevention supervision work, to implement the village forest fire prevention responsibility, patrol, field, forest fire management blazes team and rangers team construction, base material reserves, such as special group packages to work to conduct a comprehensive inspection.According to introducing, in view of the recent forest fire happens, inovance area forest fire prevention headquarters immediately set up forest fire prevention supervision inspection group, will be in the March 10 solstice during April 10, 5 groups to regiment ze town, town board, mountain basin, such as 13 towns (street), of the forest fire prevention work to carry out the situation for a month-long the focus of the inspector, from the source to eliminate fire hazards,Minimize the occurrence of forest fires.At the same time, Huichuan District forest fire prevention headquarters adhere to the “prevention first, actively eliminate” forest fire prevention work policy, combined with the actual work, timely formulate various work plans, establish a sound forest fire fighting early warning mechanism, to ensure the safety of people’s lives and property.On the same day, the inspection team also participated in the group ze town changzheng primary school forest fire safety education class, and put forward guidance on the relevant work.”Recently is the high incidence of fire, fire safety education, hope to play a child to educate a family, influence the effect of the whole village, improve the public’s awareness of forest fire safety and the concept of the rule of law.””Said Wen Liangwei, head of Changzheng Primary School.It is reported that the forest coverage rate of Tuanze town reached 45%.In order to ensure the safety of the forest region, protect forest resources, the group ze town Party committee government attaches great importance to forest fire prevention work, careful arrangement and deployment, give full play to the role of the joint household long, through household publicity, radio and television trumpet, signed a commitment letter, dam meeting and other ways, to the masses comprehensive publicity of forest fire prevention knowledge.In addition, the strict implementation of the duty on duty system, arrangements for rangers to strictly defend the forest area, uninterrupted patrol, to ensure that the discovery of fire can be the first time disposal.”Spring tillage, a variety of agricultural fire increased, fire hazards increase, we patrol the mountains every day in their respective areas, meet fire situation the first time out, to ensure spring forest fire safety.”Tuanze town ranger Zhou Zedong said.”Next step in the work, the group ze town will continue to adhere to the leadership of the Party building, tamp the foundation of the organization, increase the publicity of forest fire prevention, to do a good job in the spring forest fire prevention work.”Group ze town party committee member, political science and law member Xia Tianxing told the author.(Xia Wenjun, Deng Jie)