Europa preview: Barcelona clinch champions League title and Napoli recently beat Inter milan

2022-07-22 0 By

Europa Cup: Barcelona vs Napoli Kick-off: 2022-2-181:45Fri Barcelona status: Barcelona are now unbeaten in 12 games after their draw with Espanyol.Barca are hoping to qualify for next season’s Champions League directly from the Europa League, where they have no hope of winning a title in any other competition this season.The team’s home performance has been relatively stable, with an 80% unbeaten rate in the last 10 home games.At present, the team’s players alves is not registered, Wag, Pique suspended, and midfielder Roberto, striker Fadi and Depay are injured.In fact, the team is no stranger to Napoli, in the past 6 matches against Napoli have 4 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss.Napoli’s recent success in the league, the team has been unbeaten in seven games after a draw with league leaders Inter milan, has given the team a boost.The team’s recent performance away from home is still relatively stable, nearly 10 away games unbeaten up to 80%.Osmayne, Insigne and Coulibaly all remained fit, but napoli were hampered by the absence of key midfielder Lobotka, striker Lozano and defender Tuanzebe.The team has been down against Barcelona in the past, but they will not be down in this game because of their shaky defence.